C # generates HD thumbnails from large pictures

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C # generates HD thumbnail code, a C # function module, contains annotations, followed by function parameters, see this C # generated thumbnail code:

01public static void Setgoodimage (String fileName, string newFile, int maxheight, int maxwidth,long qualitys)


if (qualitys = 0)

04 {

Qualitys = 80;


Modified using (System.Drawing.Image img = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile (fileName))

08 {


Ten Thisformat = img. Rawformat;

One Size newsize = newsize (maxwidth, MaxHeight, IMG. Width, IMG. Height);

Bitmap outbmp = new Bitmap (newsize.width, newsize.height);

Graphics g = graphics.fromimage (outbmp);

14//Set the painting quality of the canvas

g.compositingquality = compositingquality.highquality;

G.smoothingmode = smoothingmode.highquality;

G.interpolationmode = Interpolationmode.highqualitybicubic;

G.drawimage (IMG, new Rectangle (0, 0, Newsize.width, newsize.height),

0, 0, IMG. Width, IMG. Height, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);

G.dispose ();

21//The following code to save the picture, set the compression quality

EncoderParameters encoderparams = new EncoderParameters ();

long[] quality = new LONG[1];

Quality[0] = Qualitys;

Encoderparameter Encoderparam = new Encoderparameter (System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.Quality, Quality);

Encoderparams.param[0] = Encoderparam;

27//Get the ImageCodecInfo object containing information about the built-in image codec.

imagecodecinfo[] Arrayici = Imagecodecinfo.getimageencoders ();

ImageCodecInfo jpegici = null;

for (int x = 0;

x < arrayici.length;

X + +)

33 {

if (Arrayici[x]. Formatdescription.equals ("JPEG"))

35 {

Jpegici = Arrayici[x];

37//Set JPEG encoding




if (Jpegici!= null)

42 {

Outbmp.save (NewFile, Jpegici, encoderparams);


Or else

46 {

Outbmp.save (NewFile, Thisformat);


The IMG. Dispose ();

Outbmp.dispose ();



Function parameter Description:

View sourceprint?1///Original file

2///New File

3///Max Height

4///Max width

5///quality, if 0, then set to 80

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