C # Implementation of Baidu Ping function to solve Baidu does not crawl the collection site problems

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Website optimization must do one of the things, Baidu Ping, the initiative to push to Baidu

The article added when the call Baidu push method

        Save protected void btnSubmit_Click (object sender, EventArgs e) {if (action = = DTENUMS.A CtionEnum.Edit.ToString ())//Modify {chkadminlevel ("Channel_" + this.channel_name + "_list", Dtenum S.actionenum.edit.tostring ()); Check Permissions if (! Doedit (this.id)) {jscriptmsg ("error occurred during the save process! ", String.                    Empty);                Return } jscriptmsg ("Modify information successfully!            "," article_list.aspx?channel_id= "+ this.channel_id); } else//Add {chkadminlevel ("Channel_" + this.channel_name + "_list", Dtenums.actione Num. Add.tostring ());  Check permissions int id=doadd (); This ID for the add article returns the ID of this article that needs to be modified by adding the article's Method return ID if (! ( id>0) {jscriptmsg ("An error occurred during the save process! ", String.                    Empty);                Return }//Get channel template name if (channel_id = = | | channel_id = = | | channel_id = = 18 | | channel_id = = 25 | | channel_id = = 6) {string channeltemp = new Bll.channel (). Getmodel (this.channel_id). Name.                    ToString ();                    String articleurl = new BasePage (). Linkurl (channeltemp + "_show", id);                    string[] url = new STRING[100];                    URL[1] = "http://www.qishunnet.com" + articleurl;//such as generated URLs such as http://www.qishunnet.com/knowledge_show_132.html                                      string info = DTcms.Common.BaiDu.sendUrlToBaidu (URL); Jscriptmsg ("Add information successfully! "," article_list.aspx?channel_id= "+ this.channel_id +" &message= Added information successfully!                    Baidu Push Return message = "+ info +" URL: "+ url[1]);                Return } jscriptmsg ("Add information successfully!            "," article_list.aspx?channel_id= "+ this.channel_id); }        }

Common class Library added Baidu Ping method

Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using system.text;namespace DTcms.Common{//<        Summary>///Baidu///</summary> public class Baidu {///<summary>//push link to Baidu </summary>//<param name= "URLs" > Link collection </param>//<returns></returns&        Gt public static string Sendurltobaidu (string[] URLs) {try {string formurl = "                Http://data.zz.baidu.com/urls?site=www.qishunnet.com&token=FdSmdb3LRa4JitQp ";                String formData = "";                foreach (string URL in URLs) {formData + = URL + "\ n";                } byte[] PostData = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes (FormData); Set the relevant parameters for the submission System.Net.HttpWebRequest request = System.Net.WebRequest.Create (Formurl) as System.Net.Htt                Pwebrequest; System.Text.Encoding myencoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8; Request.                Method = "POST"; Request.                KeepAlive = false; Request.                AllowAutoRedirect = true; Request.                ContentType = "Text/plain"; Request.                useragent = "curl/7.12.1"; Request.                ContentLength = Postdata.length; Submit Request data System.IO.Stream OutputStream = requests.                GetRequestStream ();                Outputstream.write (postdata, 0, postdata.length);                Outputstream.close ();                System.Net.HttpWebResponse response;                System.IO.Stream Responsestream;                System.IO.StreamReader reader;                String srcstring; Response = Request.                GetResponse () as System.Net.HttpWebResponse; Responsestream = Response.                GetResponseStream ();                reader = new System.IO.StreamReader (Responsestream, System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding ("UTF-8")); srcstring = reader. ReaDtoend ();   string result = srcstring; return value Assignment reader.                Close ();            return result; } catch (Exception ex) {return ex.            Message; }        }    }}

C # To implement Baidu Ping function to solve Baidu does not crawl the inclusion of the site's problems

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