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Project Management

Sharpforge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects, providing your team with functions similar to SourceForge and codeplex. Sharpforge is A. NET 2.0 open source project developed by C.

User story. NET is an extreme programming project.

RSS and RDF tools

RSS bandit is an open-source RSS reader developed by C #. It has built-in multi-country languages and supports atom 1.0 and various other RSS feed formats. It features a beautiful screen, paging browsing, and high flexibility in software details. Its operation screen is intuitive and easy to understand. It has a good command mode and listviewex for users to quickly get started.

Ipodder. NET is an open-source media collector written in C #. It can automatically download music from the Internet and easily select your favorite among thousands of music. After you use it to set up the RSS feeds subscription, as long as there is an update to the program, it will automatically download, you do not have to waste a lot of time manually download. It also integrates iTunes to create a playlist and iPod synchronization function. You can use Apple iTunes or media player to play, or import music to your iPod or Other MP3 players.

Feedexpress allows you to subscribe to some RSS/RDF resources, such as subscriptions in feedexpress. It is the same as Outlook Express that allows you to subscribe to some newsgroups.

RSS. NET is an open-source. Net class library that operates RSS feeds. It provides a reusable Object Model for parsing and writing RSS feeds. It is fully compatible with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.1.

Gtksharprss is an open-source RSS and RDF client developed by C #. It is used for mono, GTK #, and RSS. net. It can also display content through a window Embedded in Mozilla.

Atom. NET is an open-source class library fully developed using C #. It aims to provide convenient methods to operate AROM feeds. It provides an object model for writing and parsing atom feeds. It is only compatible with the 0.3atom specification and can run in Microsoft. NET 1.x, mono 0.29 or later versions.

Nrss is an open-source class library provided for the Microsoft. NET Framework and mono. It reads RSS feeds elements and then presents object relationships in a tree structure.

Aggie is a news collector. It is a desktop application that can download the latest news and present it on a web page.

Mail2rss is a Web service under. net. It checks your inbox and returns an RSS feed containing the message in the inbox when you request it. It is an open-source project fully developed using C # and does not use any third-party controls.

Rule Engine

Nxbre is. A lightweight Open-Source Business Rule Engine (aka rule based engine) on the net platform, which is a forward-serial inference engine) and XML-driven flow control engine. it supports ruleml 0.9 NaF datalog and Visio 2003 modeling.

Sre (simple rule engine) is a lightweight open-source, forward-serial reasoning Rule Engine (forward chaining inference rule engine) under. net ). It is easy to understand and can solve complicated problems.

Search Engine

Nlucene is the. NET version of Lucene.

After the open-source project of dotlucene and Lucene. NET is commercialized, dotlucene continues development based on Lucene. net.

Version Control (CVS)

Porc provides a complete graphical interface for CVs and project management tools. It adds interesting functions based on CVs. It is written in C # On the. NET platform.

Sharpcvslib is a CVS client API written in C. Currently, it provides core functions for common CVS commands.

Netcvslib is a CVS client developed for C # On the. NET platform. It is implemented as a separate assembly, so it can be easily integrated into other projects.

SQL client

Sqlbuddy is an open-source tool written by C # for Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE. It can be used to easily write SQL scripts. The functions provided by sqlbuddy are slightly different from those provided by the query analyzer. It tends to help users write SQL statements.

Querycommander is an open-source SQL editor that simulates Microsoft's query analyzer and the Visual Studio environment type. Querycommander features similar to the intelliisense function, automatic annotation, XML document model, and xml2data.

SQL buddy is a special free MSDE/SQL Server IDE, which is written in C # Of the. NET Framework.

Database commander is a user-friendly database management tool in windows.

Template engine

Nvelocity is A. Net-based template engine. It allows anyone to define objects through a simple and powerful template language.

Test Tool

Nunit is a unit test framework that can be used in all languages that comply with. NET Framework Standards. Nunit was originally transplanted from JUnit. Nunit is fully written in C # and is designed to take into account the features of most. NET languages, such as custom attributes and other reflection features.

Nmock is a dynamic proxy-based mock simulation object class library on the. NET platform for C # development. The mock object makes the test simpler. It tests a single component or a single class without the actual implementation of all other components. That is to say, we can only test a class, which is easier to identify bugs than to test a complete object relationship tree. Mock objects are generally used for testing-driven development.

Testdriven. Net is a test plug-in that seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio. NET. It can work closely with nunit, mbunit, and team system.

Rhino. mocks is derived from easymock. net. It tries to provide a simpler method to create and use mock objects and give you better refactoring support. It combines easymock. NET and nmock.

Dot netunit implements the xunit Testing Framework and is a unit testing component on the. NET platform.

Easymock. Net is a set of class libraries from easymock implemented by Java to a portable version of the. NET platform. It provides a simple method to simulate interfaces and remote objects.

Dotunit is a testing framework for JUnit porting to the Microsoft. NET platform. It can achieve automated testing.

Nunitforms is an extension of nunit. It provides unit testing and stress testing for Windows Forms applications and can be easily used for automated testing for your Windows Forms classes.

Web Framework

Nstruts is an ASP. Net version of the struts open-source MVC framework under Java and is part of the Jakarta Struts framework.

Maverick. Net is a. Net version transplanted from Maverick. It is an open-source Web MVC framework. It focuses on MVC logic and supports a wide range of templates and conversion technologies.

Mavericklite is a simple open-source presentation layer framework under ASP. NET. It is built on Maverick. NET Framework. It uses the Front Controller to process requests.

Ingenious MVC, based on. NET 2.0 is an application that constructs the MVC structure. It contains out-of-the-box features that support ASP.. NET and Windows Forms applications. it can also be expanded and customized in most methods.

Websharp is a lightweight application framework on the. NET platform.

Email client

Gmailerxp provides a full set of open-source tools for Google's Gmail service. All gmailerxp that can be done online can be done by users. It also integrates the features of some other programs you need in Gmail at any time (GML, gmailto, etc ).

Remotecalendars is an open source COM-.NET plug-in developed by C # For Outlook 2003/2007. After the plug-in is installed, outlook can be subscribed to, re-read, and deleted using Outlook 2003/2007 (RFC 2445 ).

Sharpwebmail is an e-mail client written in C # in ASP. NET. It receives mails through the POP3 server and sends mails through the SMTP server. Its configuration is very simple (you only need to make several settings in Web. config ).

Web Testing

Nunitasp is an open-source tool that automatically tests ASP. NET pages. It is extended from nunit.

Wiki Engine

Perspective is a C # Open-source wiki engine that allows users to easily collaborate in editing, linking and sharing web pages. It has a secure and hierarchical management environment. Perspective is a wonderful wiki thought that includes other promising and effective features.

Devhawk wiki is an open-source wiki engine implemented by C # On the. NET platform.

Prontowiki is a C # Open-source wiki engine written by Visual Web Developer (vWD). ASP. NET 2.0 and sqlexpress 2005 are used as backend servers. The Wiki engine is fast and easy to use. It provides the same text markup function as rich text editor. It can automatically receive images and files as attachments through the Web interface. In addition, prontowiki features a page that can be previewed before being posted or updated, role-based user authentication, custom appearance and layout using Web parts, historical tracking, and feature query.

Flexwiki is an open-source, collaborative writing tool that uses. NET Technology (C # and ASP. NET.

Thufir provides word processing and document link functions. It is similar to wiki-Wiki and has a "WYSIWYG" interface. It can also use the spelling check function of word through interaction with word.

XML Parsing

ODF add-in for Microsoft Word is an open source XML converter that provides tools to bridge the conversion between open XML formats and open document format (ODF. As the first such component, ODF add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 enables you to open and save ODF documents in word.

Ndigester is the. NET implementation version of the Jakarta commons-digester tool. Provides complete control over the processing of XML documents.

Sax. Net is a simple API used to operate XML. It was originally transplanted from APIs that were widely used in Java.

Multimedia tools

Freeimage is an open source class library project provided by developers. It supports a variety of popular image formats (PNG, JPEG, Tiff, BMP, etc ). freeimage is simple, easy to use, fast, secure, and compatible with 32-bit windows and cross-platform (Linux and Mac OS X ).

TVGuide is a Windows program that displays the TV list downloaded through simple and clear interfaces.

The purpose of DirectShow. Net Library is to enable you to call Microsoft ''' DirectShow from within the. NET application. It supports Visual Basic. NET and C #. Theoretically, it can support any. NET language.

The iTunes agent is a C # Open-source MP3 player used with iTunes. It allows you to synchronize the playlist with the MP3 automatic player during playback.

Megui is a comprehensive GUI solution based on ISO MPEG-4. It supports mencoder using MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid & libavcodec MPEG-4) standard, x264.exe or mencoder using MPEG-4 AVC (x264) standard, using (HE) AAC audio standard besweet, Nero AAC encoder, and mp4box using MP4 muxing standard.

Openimagemanager is a new open source image Manager developed by C. It is designed based on the concept of ACDSee (TM), a popular image viewer. It features thumbnail generation, HTML album builder, and 10 languages.

Abrviewer. NET is an open-source tool written in C # that allows you to browse and output Adobe Photoshop brushes (. ABR files) in batches.

Mewig is an open-source mencoder (an integral part of mplayer) in Windows developed using the. NET Framework ). You can convert to almost any video resource without the need for command line operations.

VTK. NET is the Visualization Toolkit encapsulated by. net. You can use it to write Windows Forms applications in C #, C ++, Visual Basic, or J. It contains Windows Forms controls that can be dragged during design.

Subtitlecreator allows you to create subtitles for your DVD. It has advanced synchronization features, DVD preview, and a simple WYSIWYG editor. Of course, you can also modify the positioning and color of the existing DVD Subtitles.

Paint. NET is an excellent open-source image editor written in C # in windows.

Mediaportal tries to help you turn your computer into an advanced multi-media center/HTPC. It allows you to listen to your favorite music and radio, watch your video and DVD, watch, confirm and record other functions such as live TV. Mediaportal is an open-source system that you can obtain for free. Anyone can help the Group develop mediaportal or adjust the media portal as needed.

C # games

Exult is a game engine that can run ultima7 on the current operating system. It provides a map editor and other tools for you to create your own models and games.

Ch2r is the first open-source model editor for Halo 2 (Halo 2.

This is a Windows Version transplanted from the popular space trader game on the palm platform.

Emu7800 is an Atari 2600/7800 simulator compiled by C.

Boogame is the CLS-compliant of the face object. It is an open-source 2D game engine framework. It provides advanced hardware acceleration video, audio, keyboard, mouse, embedded scripts and many image formats. It is developed using C # and aims to support. NET 1.1, 2.0, and mono platforms.

Realmforge, an open-source. net 3D Game Engine predecessor is visual3d. net, it is a set of C #,. NET 2.0 and xNa are used to visually design and develop frameworks and toolsets for 3D games, simulation software, and interactive environments.

Pocket Sudoku is a Sudoku game on the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile. It can have five levels of difficulty to create a Sudoku question. If the answer is correct, it will be marked with a pencil.

Csgl supports OpenGL 1.1-1.4 and many extensions in the. NET Framework.

Document tools

Ndoc can convert C #.. Net compiled programs and corresponding/doc xml documents, automatically converted. net Framework SDK class library documentation or msdn library online. net class library Documentation Form of code documentation, allowing you to quickly have professional class library API documentation.

Script Language

Sharp vector graphics (SVG #) is a Document Object Model developed by C # Under the. NET Framework. It helps you develop SVG on the. NET platform.

Ironpython is the codename of python on the. NET platform. It has a completely Dynamic Interactive interpreter that supports all.. Net Library, and integrated. net Framework, and can even be extended using Python classes.. Net class. Ironpython complies with ecma cli standards (ECMA-335) and can run on Microsoft. NET Framework and mono.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Sharpmap is an easy-to-use map Renderer that renders GIS data for Web and Windows applications. Sharpmap is an open-source project written in C # Based on the. NET 2.0 Framework.

Monogis will become an open-source and complete GIS under the mono platform. Internet mapserver, ogc wms implementation, and space format conversion tools have been released.

NASA World Wind is an open source 3D graphics Virtual Earth system developed by C # on a personal computer. It combines images taken from satellites by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that are applied to blue marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, modem5, and more.

Other C # Open-Source Projects

Dockpanel suite is an open-source docking class library for. Net Windows Forms development environments. It simulates the effects of Visual Studio. NET.

Wx. NET is an open-source project based on the. NET general language infrastructure (CLI. It is committed to developing.. Net GUI library, which is written in C # according to the wxWidgets class hierarchy and can be executed in multiple CLI, including. net, Mono, and dotgnu portable.. net.

The MMC. Net class library is an open-source class library packaged to support the development of MMC + snapin for Windows.

Dpatoolkit (Design Pattern automation Toolkit) is an open-source toolkit for application design patterns. It provides convenient code generation and reverse engineering functions. Drag and Drop to easily create a UML class diagram. Supports code generation and reverse engineering to write custom plug-ins.

Mjbworld is an open-source 3D editor that allows you to select and drag images on the GUI. It is based on and applies the X3D and fig standards. This software is intended to build a 3D world using open free programs. It can also be used for data exchange between other free open software programs. Mjbworld has Java, C # And C ++/Qt versions.

Monocalendar is an open-source calendar program on the. NET platform. It aims to provide a calendar program similar to ical for other platforms outside the Mac platform.

Data tier generator is an open-source project on the Microsoft. NET platform. It generates SQL Server 2000 scripts and C # classes for the stored procedure to access SQL Server 2000. These stored procedures include insert, update, delete, select, select based on select of PK, and SQL script of select of FK.

Finsar. SQLite is an ADO. NET data provider provided to access SQLite-databases under the. NET Framework.

Math. Net aims to provide a clear framework of symbolic and mathematical/scientific operations. It is an open-source class library developed by C. Math. Net includes a parser that supports linear algebra, analysis of complex differentiation, equation solving, and other functions.

ASCII generator DOTNET (ascgen2) is a high-quality ASCII character combination (ASCII art-text ). The first version supports deformation and bold fonts, and real-time output adjustment.

Gpsproxy is an open-source program under. NET Compact framework. It uses the comport to copy GPS data between Pocket PCs and converts the GPS data format from NMEA 0183 to Garmin GPS. It is a Windows Version Based on. net fra.

Fop c # port this is Apache C # version of XSL-FO format converter in Java. It uses and extends the XSL-FO standard so that fops can be embedded in. Net CLR Management Code applications.


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