C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes Chapter 1-statements and tomb stealing notes

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C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes Chapter 1-statements and tomb stealing notes

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Reading Notes, 80 words, 1 good word, 2 good sentence, 3 content, 4 Post-reading

Reading Notes
Dream of Red Mansions
1. Good words
Empty room, full of beds that year;

It was once a song and dance scene.

The box is full of gold and the box is full of silver.

Sorry, I am so sorry for the fact That Ziyan is so cool.

Let's sing about your debut. I think my hometown is my hometown.

It's ridiculous. In the end, they all end up doing wedding clothes for others.

2. Good sentence
There are some happy things in the red dust, but they cannot always follow suit, and there are still some shortcomings in the condition. There are eight characters of good things and magic, which are closely linked to the genus. In the meantime, they are extremely happy and miserable, it is just a dream. If everything is empty, it is better not to go ".

The case is full of ridiculous words and tears.
Du Yun's author is crazy. Who knows what it means?

The world knows that the gods are good, but the fame cannot be forgotten.
Where is the future of ancient and modern times? A pile of grass is missing.
The world knows that the gods are good, and only gold and silver cannot be forgotten;
In the final day, I hate getting together, and my eyes are closed for a long time.
The world knows that the gods are good, and only the wives cannot forget them;
Junsheng said his kindness on Sunday, and he died and went with him.
The world knows that the gods are good, and only the children and grandchildren cannot forget;
My parents are old and old, and who will see filial piety? ---- Dream of Red Mansions

False, true, or false.

I forgot to scale my hand behind me, and I had no way to look back.
3. Content
The book "Dream of Red Mansions" focuses on the love tragedies of Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu, and Xue Baochai, and describes the ups and downs of the four major families: Jia, Shi, Wang, and Xue, it demonstrates a broad social life vision and covers a wide range of secular sentiments. It is said that "Dream of Red Mansions" contains the historical capacity of an era and is an encyclopedia of the last feudal age.
(According to my summary, the number of words is not found, and the number of words should be 80)

4. Post reading
After reading: Lin Daiyu's high personality, her personality is incompatible with the secular at that time and cannot "integrate" with the society. Her inferiority complex is the embodiment of her self-esteem and the beginning of her tragedy. The plot of Funeral flowers is the focus of her personality. Her inferiority, self-esteem, and self-pity are all exposed in her funeral words: "Who is the pity of the flowers ?" "Three hundred and sixty days a year, the wind, the frost, and the sword are fierce, bright fresh Yan can when, a wandering hard to find. Flowers are easy to see, difficult to find, before the stage sorrow Funeral flowers, alone the flowers and tears, sprinkling over the branches to see blood marks ." "The essence is clean and clean, and it is not called a dirty channel ." A secular person cannot understand her thoughts. "What is the day when I die? Nong Jin's funeral flower man smiled and said, "Who does he know ?" In the face of falling flowers, she thought of her death scene, and she was not able to let go, and burst into tears. Before the feudal courtesy, her inferiority inspired her self-esteem. When Baoyu was beaten, Xue Baochai sent pills to persuade Baoyu to correct the evil spirits. However, Lin Daiyu, a kind of kind and proud man, simply cried and turned her eyes into peaches. Her crying was not weak. She expressed sincere support for Baoyu with this unique emotional experience of crying, quietly fighting against feudal ethics.
"The quiet is like the water, the action is like the weak Liu fufeng, the heart is more than dry, the author uses Jia Baoyu's eyes to describe a clever, versatile, and physically weak diseased beauty. Such a weak woman, ignoring the secular traditional law, does the opposite. After suffering numerous damages and the end of her life, the appearance of the feudal society accelerated her fragrance. In the scene before Dai Yu's death, ziyu sought help when the patient was in critical danger. In order to avoid adverse effects, Jia Mu also transferred the wedding of Baoyu to another place for handling. One side is a happy scene of the family, and the other is the sorrow and sorrow before the death, "the end of the day! Where is xiangqiu ?" The two scenes are in stark contrast. The more festive the wedding scene is, the more sensational the wedding scene is. The real society in which she is located is dirty. She wants to find a place of her own ideal, which makes her desperate to give up her pursuit of freedom. We are worried and resentful. A young man and a young man who pursues freedom are separated from each other under the shackles of the feudal system. "In spring, I don't know whether the flowers are lost !" In this way, Dai Yu died in the gongs and drums of Bao Yu's wedding. In the world of loneliness and no dependence, Baoyu is the warmth of her heart forever; in the world of affection and no dependence, Baoyu is the eternal pain in her heart. In the end, though, she became victims of the feudal system.
"Fake, real, true, or false, there is nothing to do with inaction", fake, true, let people do not know everything in "Dream of Red Mansions", Lin Daiyu ...... The Rest Of The full text>

Reading Notes Fan Wen: Format: good words and good sentences

There are many types of Reading Notes. Generally, they can be divided into four categories: Extract, outline, comment, and experience. The four categories are divided into several types, each of which is different in terms of writing.
(1) excerpt
Excerpt is the most common form of data collection during reading activities. It is mainly used for future scientific research activities. It requires that the statement section of the original text be accurately extracted and the source be indicated for reference and verification. Extracted notes can be divided:
1. Index
Index notes only record the topic and source of the article. Such as the name, creator, and date of publication. For a book, you need to record the book, chapter, section, publisher name, publication date, year, month, and version. For a journal, you need to record the period number, and record the newspaper date and layout for convenience. For example:
Editor-in-Chief Qian cangshui and Hao Shuming: Book of teachers' vocational skills. Liberal Arts volume, published by Renmin University of China, l version l of September 992.
Sun xiaoyuan: (An Analysis of confusing mathematical concepts), <Journal of mathematics of middle school students) 1990 Wu February June 7, 2nd.
2. Extract the original text
The original excerpt is a copy of the brilliant statements and paragraphs related to your own learning and research in the books and documents, which will be used as the original materials for reference in the future. To extract the original text, you must mark a category subject based on the content of the original text to facilitate the classification and future use of the data. The source should be indicated after the citation. For example:

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