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Collected some print articles, including winform and ASP. net is used in combination with Excel/word, or directly use the report tool printing function, web printing adopts CSS and webbrowse control. (articles and related code are collected from the Internet for your reference only. The copyright belongs to the original author! )

01. Windows form program printing Overview

02. Text File printing class library (C #)

03. We recommend a datagridview printing solution.

04. A print class for DataGrid. Thank you for sharing it.

05. parameter configuration instructions printed by IE

06. Experience in using Crystal Reports 1-the first step of creating a crystal report and the most prone to compilation errors and how to convert a report to a PDF document for Printing

07. Example of a complete custom paper printing rdlc report

08. The webpage reports of vs2008 can be printed directly.

09. Setting of paper in rdlc report

10. MS rdlc Printing

11. view various C # printing technologies

12. C # Call word Printing

13. dynamically add data to print word Preview

14. Implement the printing function in C # (use of printdialog and printdocument in C)

15. Set up the classic-Land and Resources Management Certificate printing system developed, function introduction!

16. How to print without the printer option during printing

17. vs. net2003/5 DataGrid, dview and two-dimensional data such as listview ultimate printing scheme and implementation

18. JR boutique articles-what are the favorites worth doing? Web Print Overview

19. About how to print the listview solution to the Yangtze River (C #, print aspect)

20. Open-Source: vs. Net printing ideas and the ultimate printing Implementation of 2003/5 DataGrid, dview and two-dimensional data such as listview (all source code)

Web Development

A complete set of the best techniques in the history of webbrowser controls

Arbitrary web page Printing Technology

Can rdlc reports be printed in web projects?

Use webbrowser to completely solve web printing problems

Complete description of webbrowser.exe CWB

Use webbrowser for web printing analysis

Asp.net Printing

Summary of ASP. NET page Printing Technology

Summary of ASP. NET page printing technology (1)

Import and print database data in ASP. NET to excel

Yonghong blog Web Printing

Also talk about web printing (-): The current several methods and our tasks

Also talk about web printing (2): Simply Analyze the printing principles of IE and implement simple printing and preview

Also talk about web printing (3): let alone IE to implement our own printing template

Also talk about web printing (4): Let our templates support printing and dynamically generate pages based on the Content

Web Printing (5): define your own user interface in the print preview window of IE

[Top] dlprinter web printing component updated 2nd times

Web Print paging (JS)

This article introduces a web printing technology.

Web report development technology Topic 6: embarrassing Web Printing

Web Print Overview

Javascript Printing

Good web printing-web page Printing

Print your page landscape)

Continued: use XML to print general web reports (Implementation)

Use JSP to print reports in Word and Excel formats

Web page printing problems, print settings, print preview, print pages, vertical, horizontal, and page margins

Author: peterzb (Personal Development History Knowledge Base-blog Park)
Source: http://peterzb.cnblogs.com/

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