C # Programming (24)----------modifiers

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Modifiers are keywords that apply to types or members . Modifiers can specify the visibility of a method , such as public or private, and you can specify the nature of an item , such as a vritual or abstract that has just been sent.

Modifiers for visibility


Applied to



All types or members

Any code can access the item


All members of type and inline type

Only derived types can access the item


All types or members

The item can only be accessed in the assembly that contains it


All members of type and inline type

The item can only be accessed in the type to which it belongs

protected internal

All members of type and inline type

The item can only be accessed in any code that contains his assembly and derived types

Note that the definition of a class can only be internal or public , depending on whether you want to access it outside of the assembly that the type contains :

public class MyClass


The type cannot be declared asProtected,private,Andprotected internal, Because these modifiers have no meaning for the types contained in the namespace . So these modifiers can only be applied with members . But , You can use these modifiers to define nested types (, contains types because in this case , Type also has member status . So the following code is legal :

public class Outerclass


Protected class Innerclass



If there is a nested type , the internal type always has access to all members of the external type . So , in the code above,the code in Innerclass can access all members of the Outerclass , and even the private members of Outerclass can access .

Other modifiers


Applied to



Function members

Members with the same signature hide inherited members


All Members

Members do not make specific instances of the class


Function Members Only

Members can be overridden by derived classes


Gold function member

The virtual member defines the signature of the member and does not provide the implementation code


Function Members Only

A member overrides an inherited virtual or abstract member


Classes , methods, and properties

For classes , you cannot inherit from a sealed class . For properties and Methods , a member overrides an inherited virtual member , but no member of any derived class can override the school-constant source . The modifier must be used with override


static method only

Members are externally implemented in the Ning Yizhong language .

C # Programming (24)----------modifiers

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