C # QQ group member list to achieve the export and bulk mail starts

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With the development of the Internet, online marketing means more and more, including we are disgusted with the spam, QQ for us is not unfamiliar, I believe that most of the netizens in China are using QQ, if we opened the function of QQ mail, often receive some junk mail. Online now many many commercial version of the QQ mass software, including the Export group members list, to the group members list to send group mailing functions. This kind of software selling price is not high, but a lot of restrictions, the purpose of this article is to achieve C # analog QQ login and export Group Members list, realize group mail, of course, other functions, such as to the designated friends send information, can also expand their own.


1, QQ simulation landing grab Bag analysis

2, C#http request

3, QQ login password encryption algorithm, verification code generation, calculation GTK, etc.

4. Cookie Processing

5, group members to obtain and deal with

6, the generation of mailboxes and the realization of mass mailing

Project screenshot

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