C # read hard disk information ManagementClass class

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One, in many cases, you may need to get the hardware information of the microcomputer. This sentence needs to be added as follows:

using System.Management;

To obtain hardware information, you need to know the hardware parameter information:

Win32_Processor,//CPU ProcessorWin32_physicalmemory,//Physical Memory StripsWin32_Keyboard,//keyboardWin32_pointingdevice,//point input device, including mouse. win32_floppydrive,//Floppy DriveWin32_DiskDrive,//Hard Drivewin32_cdromdrive,//Optical DriveWin32_baseboard,//MotherboardWin32_BIOS,//BIOS ChipWin32_ParallelPort,//and the PortWin32_serialport,//Serial PortWin32_serialportconfiguration,//Serial ConfigurationWin32_sounddevice,//multimedia settings, commonly referred to as sound cards. Win32_systemslot,//motherboard Slots (ISA & PCI & AGP)Win32_usbcontroller,//USB ControllerWin32_NetworkAdapter,//Network AdapterWin32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration,//Network Adapter SettingsWin32_Printer,//PrinterWin32_PrinterConfiguration,//Printer SettingsWin32_PrintJob,//Printer TasksWin32_tcpipprinterport,//Printer PortWin32_potsmodem,//MODEMWin32_potsmodemtoserialport,//MODEM PortWin32_DesktopMonitor,//DisplayWin32_displayconfiguration,//video cardWin32_displaycontrollerconfiguration,//Graphics SettingsWin32_VideoController,//graphics details. Win32_videosettings,//display mode supported by the graphics card. //Operating SystemWin32_TimeZone,//Time ZoneWin32_SystemDriver,//Driver ProgramWin32_DiskPartition,//Disk PartitioningWin32_LogicalDisk,//Logical DiskWin32_logicaldisktopartition,//The partition where the logical disk resides and its location. Win32_LogicalMemoryConfiguration,//Logical Memory ConfigurationWin32_PageFile,//System page File informationWin32_PageFileSetting,//page File SettingsWin32_bootconfiguration,//System Boot ConfigurationWin32_ComputerSystem,//Computer Information BriefWin32_OperatingSystem,//Operating System InformationWin32_startupcommand,//System Auto-Start programWin32_Service,//System-Installed servicesWin32_Group,//System Management GroupWin32_groupuser,//System Group AccountWin32_UserAccount,//User AccountWin32_Process,//System ProcessesWin32_thread,//System ThreadsWin32_Share,//sharedWin32_NetworkClient,//Installed network ClientsWin32_NetworkProtocol,//Installed network Protocols
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According to the information provided above, get what you need;

New ManagementClass ("win32_processor");  

The following describes the ManagementClass class;

1.GetInstances (): There are four overloads of this method;

2.Get (): There are two overloads for this method;

3.GetSubclasses (): There are four overloaded versions of this method

Two. Some applications of the ManagementClass class:

1. Get the CPU number

       /// <summary>        ///Get CPU Number/// </summary>        /// <returns></returns>         Public stringGetcpuid () {varCPUID =string.            Empty; varMC =NewManagementClass ("Win32_Processor"); varMOC =MC.            GetInstances (); foreach(varOinchMOC) {                varMo =(ManagementObject) o; CPUID= mo. properties["Processorid"].            Value.tostring (); }            returnCpuid; }
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2. Get the hard drive serial number

1 /// <summary>2         ///get the hard drive serial number3         /// </summary>4         /// <returns></returns>5          Public stringGetdiskserialnumber ()6         {7             //This mode may have different results after inserting a USB flash drive, such as when inserting my phone8             varHDid =string. Empty;9             varMC =NewManagementClass ("win32_diskdrive");Ten             varMOC =MC. GetInstances (); One             foreach(varOinchMOC) A             { -                 varMo =(ManagementObject) o; -HDid = (string) mo. properties["Model"]. Value; the                 //This statement solves the problem of having multiple physical disks, taking only the first physical hard disk -                  Break; -             } -             returnHDid; +}
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C # read hard disk information ManagementClass class

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