C # Use the tabControl control to embed and disable multiple forms

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Create a main form (Formmain) and two secondary forms (Form1, Form2). Add a menuStrip control and a tabControl control respectively to the main form, add a main menu and two sub-menus to the menu control. For example, select the tabControl control attribute and modify DrawMode = OwnerDrawFixed. Then, add the following code: public void Add_TabPage (string str, form myForm) {if (tabControlCheckHave (this. mainTabControl, str) {return;} else {MainTabControl. tabPages. add (str); MainTabControl. selectTab (MainTabControl. tabPages. count-1); myForm. formBorderStyle = F OrmBorderStyle. none; myForm. dock = DockStyle. fill; myForm. topLevel = false; myForm. show (); myForm. parent = MainTabControl. selectedTab;} public bool tabControlCheckHave (System. windows. forms. tabControl tab, String tabName) {for (int I = 0; I <tab. tabCount; I ++) {if (tab. tabPages [I]. text = tabName) {tab. selectedIndex = I; return true;} return false;} private void form1ToolStripMenuItem_Cl Ick (object sender, EventArgs e) {Form1 f1 = new Form1 (); Add_TabPage ("f1 People's Republic of China forms", f1);} private void form2ToolStripMenuItem_Click (object sender, EventArgs e) {Form2 f2 = new Form2 (); Add_TabPage ("f2 North Korean form", f2);} private void MainTabControl_DrawItem (object sender, DrawItemEventArgs e) {/* If you set the DrawMode attribute to OwnerDrawFixed, it will trigger the DrawItem event */try {this. mainTabCont Rol. tabPages [e. index]. backColor = Color. lightBlue; Rectangle tabRect = this. mainTabControl. getTabRect (e. index); e. graphics. drawString (this. mainTabControl. tabPages [e. index]. text, this. font, SystemBrushes. controlText, (float) (tabRect. X + 2), (float) (tabRect. Y + 2); using (Pen pen = new Pen (Color. white) {tabRect. offset (tabRect. width-15, 2); tabRect. width = 15; tabRect. height = 15; e. graphics. dra WRectangle (pen, tabRect);} Color color = (e. State = DrawItemState. Selected )? Color. lightBlue: Color. white; using (Brush brush = new SolidBrush (color) {e. graphics. fillRectangle (brush, tabRect);} using (Pen pen2 = new Pen (Color. red) {Point point = new Point (tabRect. X + 3, tabRect. Y + 3); Point point2 = new Point (tabRect. X + tabRect. width)-3, (tabRect. Y + tabRect. height)-3); e. graphics. drawLine (pen2, point, point2); Point point3 = new Point (tabRect. X + 3, (tabRect. Y + tabRect. height)-3); Point point4 = new Point (tabRect. X + tabRect. width)-3, tabRect. Y + 3); e. graphics. drawLine (pen2, point3, point4);} e. graphics. dispose ();} catch (Exception ex) {MessageBox. show (ex. message) ;}} private void MainTabControl_MouseDown (object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {if (e. button = MouseButtons. left) {www.2cto.com int x = e. x; int y = e. y; Rectangle tabRect = this. mainTabControl. getTabRect (this. mainTabControl. selectedIndex); tabRect. offset (tabRect. width-0x12, 2); tabRect. width = 15; tabRect. height = 15; if (x> tabRect. x) & (x <tabRect. right) & (y> tabRect. y) & (y <tabRect. bottom) {this. mainTabControl. tabPages. remove (this. mainTabControl. selectedTab );}}}

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