C Disk Not enough memory to do? Four ways to clean up C disk

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c Disk Not enough memory to do?

C disk is the heart of the computer, operating system inside, and its running, will produce a lot of junk files, while many software defaults installed in C disk, there are a lot of system updates, patches and so on, automatically stored in C disk, so, if the computer's C-disk partition is not small, it is easy to lead to C-disk close to full state, affect the speed of computer operation and many other operations, how to solve the problem of small storage space? The following way brings you to the solution.

Tools/raw Materials

Method one raw material: 360 Safety Guardian

Method Two raw materials: Rubik's Cube cleaning master

Method three raw materials: computer itself

Method One: Use 360 security guards to clean up

1, first of all, the reason for this software is that many people installed this software, so to avoid the installation of other software trouble process, at the same time, this method is relatively fast. On the desktop or the lower right corner of the computer, click on the security Defender to enter its main interface.

2, after entering the main interface, click on the top of the "computer cleanup", into the clean-up process.

3, here, we are most commonly used is the direct click of "One key clean up", where the function can actually clean up some of the content, but the main is the Recycle Bin, some browser cache, and so on, can be clicked to clean, can improve the speed of the computer, but the size of the C disk Therefore continue to click on the bottom right corner "find large files."

4, in order to improve the speed of the search, it is recommended to hook only the C disk this partition, the other disk in front of the tick "√" are removed, and then click "Scan large files."

5, quickly scanned out the large file in C, here, can see a lot of files, of course, this large file is excluded from the system files and important files, theoretically, the search here can be deleted, but in order to avoid accidental deletion, suggest that the mouse pointing to a large file, and then will pop the path of the file, look at his name, For example, QQ, browser and so on can be deleted. Click on the deleted file on the tick, click "Delete" in the upper right corner.

6, the reminder is not to delete files, click "Delete immediately." This clears up some of the big files that are not important. Personal evaluation: Generally for the computer for a long time, you can release a few GB of storage, is quite considerable, this way to remove the software you installed the C disk garbage.

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