C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ide

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C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ide
There are many common C language development tools. Each development tool supports different library functions and standard implementations. However, for beginners, you can ignore these details and select a widely used and easy-to-use development tool.
Visual C ++ 6.0 Visual C ++ 6.0 (VC or VC6.0) is recommended for Windows. It is a C/C ++ compiler launched by Microsoft in 1989. It has a friendly interface and powerful debugging functions. VC6.0 is a revolutionary product that is very classic. in the Windows 7 and win8 era, many enterprises and individuals are still using it. Many colleges and universities also use VC6.0 as the teaching basis of C language, as a tool for hands-on experiments. The code in this tutorial is also run under VC6.0.

VC6.0 is indeed a little old. Microsoft's original version of VC6.0 has compatibility issues in XP, Win7, and Win8, and even cannot be started normally. The C language Chinese network provides two versions of VC6.0 that have been changed by a third party.

1) VC6.0 Lite version (30 M)

The VC6.0 Lite version maintains the interface of the original VC6.0 version, solves compatibility issues, simplifies the installation process, supports C language, and does not support C ++, it can run perfectly in XP and Win7 (Win8 won't work ).

2) C-Free MSCL (42 M)

C-Free MSCL is integrated with VC Compiler (Visual Studio 5.0 SP1 compiler strictly), debugging tool, and green Deployment Tool Based on C-Free 10.0, supports XP, Win7, and Win8, and C/C ++, which is equivalent to replacing VC 6.0 with an interface.

: C-Free MSCL Version Download

Microsoft later upgraded VC6.0 and renamed it Visual Studio to support more programming languages and more powerful functions. However, Visual Studio has a large file size of about 3 GB, most functions are not used by beginners at the moment. installation is cumbersome and cannot be easily uninstalled.

Another disadvantage of Visual Studio is that it occupies a large amount of resources and is not recommended for low-configuration machines.

Of course, if you want to develop Windows, pursue powerful functions, and have a good network and high-configuration machine, Visual Studio is also a good choice.

Visual Studio: http://www.iplaysoft.com/vs2013.html

One piece of advice: C language Beginners should be simplified and simplified, build a programming environment as soon as possible, and actually run a few C language programs to find the fun and sense of achievement of learning. Instead of pursuing powerful development tools, VC6.0 lite versions and C-Free MSCL can fully meet the needs of beginners.
GCCGCC is the most popular C language development tool in Linux. Most of it is a source of GCC. For Beginners, GCC is an unquestionable choice. Most Linux distributions come with GCC, which generally does not require installation.

Vim is a text editor in Linux. It is usually used in combination with GCC to improve development efficiency.

In Windows, there are also development tools integrated with GCC, such as Code: Blocks, MinGW, and C-Free, but do not expect these tools to do well in Windows, in most Windows project development projects, VC6.0 or its upgraded Visual Studio is used.


The above development tool not only contains the C language compiler, but also contains many auxiliary functions, such as the editor, code highlighting, debugging functions, and error prompts. This is called "integrated development environment ".

Integrated Development Environment (IDE, Integrated Development Environment) is an application used to provide a program Development Environment, generally including code editor, compiler, debugger and graphical user interface tools. It integrates the code writing function, analysis function, compilation function, debugging function, and other integrated development software service sets.
C language development tools, easy to use in WINDOWS environment, except turboC

It is not recommended. TC and VC6 are both early C compilers. On the one hand, there are problems with standard support, and on the other hand, there are many bugs.
Many things that are not allowed to be used in the standard can be used on Turbo C and VC6, which in turn can be used on TC and VC6, but may not be used on other compilers.

We recommend that you use the latest compiler instead of the mixed Compiler (C/C ++). The mixed compiler is generally a C ++ compiler, but more complex.

Recommended compilers: gcc, MingW, MingW-x64, lcc-win32, cygwin, VS2008 (2010 never used)
Recommended IDE: Eclipse (CDT), QT is also good (except the built-in compiler version), Editplus, Notepad ++, UltraEdit

The range is too broad and is easy to use, but will it be used.

C language compiler in windows

Compiler? You want to integrate the development environment IDE.

We recommend that you have a small open-source file, which is similar to dev-c ++:
Code: Blocks8.02 comes with the MinGW version. The compiler uses gcc3.4.5 (g ++ 3.4.5), which is better than the standard (C99, C ++ 98, C ++ 03, also compatible with C90 ).
For www.codeblocks.org/downloads/5, codeblocks-8.02mingw-setup.exe

Ps: the indentation of dev-c ++ is indeed not bad.
Reference: www.codeblocks.org/

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