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Does the system need to be reinstalled? Three rules will help you.

If one of the following three situations occurs in the system, it is time for you to consider reinstalling the system:

1) The system operation efficiency becomes low, and spam files are flooded with hard disks, which are scattered and not easy to clean and automatically;

2) Frequent system errors, which are difficult to locate and easily solve;

3) The system cannot be started.

Before you reinstall the system, you are advised to list the backup tickets first.

Before preparing to reinstall the system due to system crash or failure, you should first think of backing up your data. At this time, be sure to calm down, carefully list the data that needs to be backed up in the hard disk, write them one by one on a piece of paper, and then compare them one by one for backup. If your hard disk cannot be started, consider using another boot disk to start the system, copy your data, or mount the hard disk to another computer for backup. To avoid disasters where hard disk data cannot be recovered, it is best to develop the habit of backing up important data on a daily basis.

User documentation is a treasure and is the first to be backed up

In the data to be backed up, the user document must first consider the data to be backed up. If you are an editor or author, you need to back up your manuscript first; if you are a teacher, you need to back up your handout first; if you are a composer, back up your tracks first ...... Generally, your document data is stored in the "My Documents" folder. If you specify another folder, you need to back up the corresponding folder.

The Internet veteran turns blind because he forgot his favorites

Users who frequently browse the Internet generally add a list of addresses with personal characteristics to their favorites. The next time you need to search for similar content, open "favorites" to easily reach your destination. When you reinstall the system, if you forget to back up your favorites, the newly installed system has almost only one empty favorites, and the previously preserved address will be missing, you will be blind. Although you may say that I have good search engines such as Google, the work that can be done in one step has become more complicated. Why? Therefore, you must back up the "favorites" before reinstalling the system ". The favorites folder in Windows 2000 is a folder in the system partition. The user names in the folder vary from person to person.

To ensure high input speed, the backup input dictionary

Currently, Chinese characters are input only in pen and Pinyin formats. Currently, the mainstream pen and Pinyin input methods both have intelligent components, that is, they can automatically or semi-automatically remember the personalized word library formed by users. Individual users can input Chinese characters in a dictionary with their own characteristics, which greatly improves their work efficiency. If you forget to back up the user dictionary of the input method when reinstalling the system, after reinstalling the system, you can enter personal words in your work to accumulate work from scratch. Therefore, do not forget to back up the user dictionary of the input method. The user dictionary is generally stored in a system or folder. Some input methods contain their own dictionary backup interfaces, which are easy to use.

Email and QQ backups are good, and contact information on both sides cannot be broken

Email, QQ, and other chat tools are the main contact tools for modern people. When reinstalling the system, do not forget to back up your email address book and QQ friends. You can use the export function of the corresponding software to back up the email addresses and information of QQ chat friends. To avoid the possibility of backing up the data after a system crash, it is best to develop the habit of backing up the data regularly at ordinary times to minimize the loss caused by the system crash. In fact, FoxMail and QQ are quasi-green software. You only need to compress the folders of the two software and save them for backup.

After the driver is backed up, you do not need to find the next installation.

The first thought after installation should be that the screen flashed to make your eyes uncomfortable, and there was no sound at all. This is because the video card and sound card driver are not installed. If you have other boards or peripherals in your system, you have to reinstall the driver. Some users copy these drivers in the hard drive folder without installing the disk. At this time, you need to pay special attention to the need to back up your own driver before installing the system.

Do not delete the original directory. Prepare the installation disk first.

If files in the original system can also be accessed using Boot disks, do not rush to delete or format your original system after you decide to reinstall the operating system and complete the backup, you should calm down and think carefully about the files you need to keep in the original system partition. After careful consideration, you should prepare your installation CD. Note that you need to set the optical drive to the first boot disk in the system BIOS.

Software description or cover with serial numbers

The installation serial number is critical. If you accidentally drop your installation serial number and use a new installation, the installation process will not proceed. The serial number of the formal installation disc should be in a certain position in the software instruction manual or the disc seal. However, if you are using a testing system provided in some software collection CDs, these serial numbers may exist in a plain text file in the installation directory, such as SN. TXT. Therefore, read and record the serial number for later use.

System Error missing file, overwrite installation and try again

If the system prompts that some files are missing or some files are faulty, do not rush to format your hard disk. Instead, try overwriting and installation first. To overwrite the installation, first enter safe mode or start to DOS, and then execute SETUP. EXE on the installation disc or other files used to start the installation program. Note: during the installation process, you must install the system files in the same directory as the original system. After such installation, most of the general problems can be solved. More importantly, some previously installed applications can still be used.

Overwrite installation does not work. delete a new set of Installation

If the above mentioned overwrite installation method does not solve your problem, you can confirm that the backup is complete and all kinds of drivers are ready, start the system with the boot disk, FORMAT your system partition with the FORMAT command, and then run SETUP on the installation disk. EXE or the executable file used for installation.

If there is no drive disk, create a new directory

If the overwrite installation method mentioned above does not solve your problem, and you are not sure whether you still have something to back up, or you do not want to format your partition, you can use another directory installation method. The method is to run the installation file after the boot disk is started and install the system in a directory different from that of the previous system. In this way, the original driver is still in the old system directory. If your driver program is lost, when the system discovers new hardware, you can find the hardware driver in the original directory as prompted by the system. After all the hardware drivers are installed, you can safely delete the original system directory.

If you want to experience a new shock, you need to replace the upgrade and installation.

If you are using a lower version of the operating system, and you want to experience the new generation of operating system launched by the same software company, you can use the upgrade and installation method to achieve your idea. You can run the installation file of the advanced operating system directly in the low-level operating system environment. Generally, the operating system is backward compatible. Windows 98 can be upgraded to Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and Windows 2000 can be upgraded to Windows XP. After the upgrade and installation, most of the original programs can still be used.

Please install multiple systems

If you do not want to lose the original low-level operating system and want to experience the charm of the next-generation operating system, you can install dual-system. In a low-level operating system (such as Windows 98), run the installation file such as SETUP on the installation disk of the advanced operating system.. In this way, after the installation is complete and the system is restarted, the dual system menu appears. The same is true for multi-system installation, but it is best to follow the low-level and later-level installation sequence, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble.

Hard disk backup and installation disk, more convenient to reinstall the system

We can back up the system installation disk to our computer to eliminate the trouble of finding it everywhere during installation. The specific method is: Create a folder in the Data Backup area of your hard disk, for example, copy all the files on the system installation disc to this folder. You can run the SETUP. EXE or other installation files during the re-installation.

If the system does not crash, partial recovery installation is fast

If Windows 98 does not crash completely, but some system errors cannot be repaired by disk scanning or error correction software, you can use part of Windows 98 to restore the installer. This installer can be found in the Windows 98 CD folder. The method is to transfer to the DOS Status, enter the directory, run PCRESTOR, And the installer will start. This installation speed is similar to the hard disk installation speed, and it will not cause data loss. At the same time, hardware resetting is generally completed automatically.

Dual enable menu failure is difficult, only 2000 disk is required

If Windows 98 is installed after Windows 2000 is installed, the system's dual-Start Menu is lost. You can solve the problem as follows. First in the BIOS, adjust the boot sequence to CD-ROM boot first, and then put the Windows 2000 installation disk into the optical drive. After the installation program is automatically loaded, the system will ask you if you want to reinstall or fix the installation program. You don't need to worry about it and exit directly. Finally, change the boot sequence to hard disk boot priority in CMOS so that the selection menu will appear after the device is restarted.

You do not need to use a 2000 system disk.

If Windows 98 is installed on drive C, Windows 2000 is installed on drive d, and the drive E is in the user data zone. We can pre-BOOT under the root directory of the partition. INI, NTLDR, NTDETECT. COM, BOOTSECT. DOS, IO. SYS, MSDOS. SYS, BOOTFONT. seven files, such as BIN, are backed up to our E partition. When the dual-boot system menu is messy due to improper system re-installation, you can copy the seven files to the boot partition to overwrite them.

Clone backup methods, and collect system tools together

You may find that the most troublesome thing to reinstall the system is not to reinstall the system itself, but to find and install various application software and utility tools. At this time, a very classic software Norton Ghost can solve your problem. After installing the system and some tool software, you only need to use the backup partition function of the Ghost Software to package the installed system together with the tool into a file. When recovery is required, start DOS with the boot disk, and then use Ghost to quickly restore the file package to the original partition. Internet cafes use this method to install multiple computers of the same type. Computer veterans also use this method.

Whether or not the software needs to be reinstalled.

Which programs do not need to be re-installed if the system is installed in another directory but the applications in the original folder are not deleted?

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