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dreamweaver| Web pages often do not avoid the preview, look at their own production of the page element location is not decorated, the size of the font is not satisfactory, the picture is correct display and so on and so on. and Dreamweaver3.0 preview will always produce temporary files, temporary files are often not automatically deleted, to do the Web page people bring a lot of trouble. (in Dreamweaver4.) so the author rarely use the shortcut key "F12" preview, but to install a PWS (Win98) or IIS (win200), do an internal network to test. While the test switch window sometimes feel more trouble, think of IE with a direct call to the Web Page Editor option function.

IE in the Edit button (the author of IE version is 6.0 second beta, so it is English):

By default, Dreamweaver is not automatically added to the Edit button selection menu.

There have been reports on the web that can modify the registry to add an Edit button, but the registry is related to the security and stability of the entire system, a careless may cause big problems. Here I introduce two simple and convenient and safe method to solve this problem.

Method One:

Open any file directory and select from the menu bar: Tools (tool) >> Folder Options (the system is WIN2000, IE6.0). The following figure:

(Note: Win98, IE5: View >> file directory >> Folder Options)

Click the "Advanced" button in the pop-up window (pictured below)

Click the "Edit" button in the pop-up window.

Press the "Browse" button

Locate the installation Dreamweaver installation directory, select Dreamweaver program file, press OK. Existing let's open ie, and then look at the list below the Edit button.

See, Dreamweaver familiar icons are not exposed? Are you cool?!

If you want Dreamweaver as your preferred editing software, open browser ie, and choose the following command: Tools >>internet options. In the pop-up window, select Programs.

Select Dreamweaver in the HTML editor.

Method Two:

There is a simpler way, that is, select an HTML file, hold down the SHIFT key, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up right-click menu, choose "Open", in the pop-up dialog box to find the Dreamweaver program file, select it as always used to open the HMTL Association program.

Both of these methods have been tested and run normally!

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