Call Jira REST API for Jira statistics automation

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Statistical automation is performed by invoking the Jira Rest Web API, which starts with a login simulation:

$content= @{username= ' user name ';p assword=' Password '}$JSON=$content|convertto-json-Compress$res= Invoke-webrequest-uri"Http://jira Address/rest/auth/1/session"-method Post-body$JSON-contenttype application/JSON$webClient= new-Object Net.webclient#Set encoding style here.$webClient. Encoding=[system.text.encoding]::getencoding ("Utf-8")
<#Note that the response contains the set-Cookie HTTP headers that must is honoured by the caller.IfYou is using a cookie-aware HTTP client then it'll handle all set-Cookie headers automatically. This is important because setting the Jsessionid cookie alone could not be sufficient forThe authentication to work .#>$webClient. Headers.add ("Cookies",$res. headers["Set-cookie"])#write-host "Call Get Login State interface"-foregroundcolor Green#$webClient. Downloadstring ("Http://jira address/rest/auth/1/session")#write-host "Call Exit Login Interface"-foregroundcolor Green#$webClient. Uploadstring ("Http://jira address/rest/auth/1/session", "DELETE", "")#write-host "Call Get Login State interface"-foregroundcolor Green#$webClient. Downloadstring ("Http://jira address/rest/auth/1/session")

Then query all tasks assigned to me and iterate through each task to remove the desired information (for example: Reporter, Developer, frontend, Jira creation time, etc.):

$jiraUri="Jira Address"#query All tasks assigned to cloud-to-outer#search using Search request. Use the JQL statement to find the lookup interface (first to create a JSON object as the body of the post for the lookup)#Create a JSON object in PowerShell.$JSON= @"{    "Jql": "Assign to = outer Cloud",    "StartAt": 0,"MaxResults": +,"Fields": [        "Summary",        "Status",        "Assignee"    ]}"@$apiUri="/rest/api/2/search"$uri=$jiraUri+$apiUri#the header that the Post JSON must add.$webClient. Headers.add ("Content-type","Application/json");$searchResult=$webClient. Uploadstring ($uri,$JSON)#get all the issues (assigned to the outer cloud)$issues= ($searchResult| convertfrom-Json). Issues#judged there was no such fieldfunctionNullornot ($field){    if(($field -ne $null)-and($field -ne ""))    {       $field    }Else{        $field="Displayname:null"    }}#List of people to extractfunctionGetDisplayName ($oName){    $displayNames=$oName|findstr"DisplayName"    if($displayNames. Count-ne1){        foreach($displayName inch $displayNames){            $newDisplayName+=$displayName. Split (":") [1]            $newDisplayName+=" "        }        $newDisplayName    }Else{        $displayNames. Split (":") [1]    }}#Traverse Jira Issueforeach($issue inch $issues){    $apiUri=$jiraUri+"/rest/api/2/issue/"+$issue. Key$issueInfo=$webClient. Downloadstring ($apiUri)    $issueInfo=$issueInfo| convertfrom-Json#$issueInfo. fields    $reporter= GetDisplayName (Nullornot ($issueInfo. Fields.reporter)) Write-host"The person who reported:"$reporter    $productor= GetDisplayName (Nullornot ($issueInfo. fields.customfield_10206)) Write-host"Product Personnel:"$productor    $qianDuan= GetDisplayName (Nullornot ($issueInfo. fields.customfield_10207)) Write-host"Front End:"$qianDuan    $developer= GetDisplayName (Nullornot ($issueInfo. fields.customfield_10208)) Write-host"Development:"$developer    $fenPai= GetDisplayName (Nullornot ($issueInfo. fields.customfield_10002)) Write-host"Assign to:"$fenPai    $tiCeTime=$issueInfo. fields.created Write-host"time to test:"$tiCeTimeWrite-host"use case data:"$issueInfo. fields.customfield_11402$issueInfo. fields.customfield_10400 Write-host"Number of Bugs:"$issueInfo. fields.customfield_10202 Read-Host}

Call Jira REST API for Jira statistics automation

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