Call the Contacts Database in Android (froyo) to add, delete, modify, and query contacts and groups. The effect diagram and source code are provided.

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Note: ThisProgramBased on froyo. The program contains some froyo built-in contacts source code. The project code is UTF-8, based on 2.2

Main content:

1. add, delete, modify, and query contacts:

Quickcontactbadge is used when all contacts are displayed;

When displaying the details of a contact, quickcontactbadge + checkbox (the pentagram) + listview is used.

You can set an avatar for editing and creating contacts, and add multiple types of phone, email, and other information. the type of information is the same as that of froyo contacts.

Ii. Group Function

You can add, delete, modify, and query groups;

You can move contacts to or from a group;

This program differs from other programs:

The addition, deletion, modification, and query functions are relatively complete.

The information that can be added when creating a contact is consistent with the built-in contacts.

Creating and editing the Contact Interface and grouping are the highlights of this program.

I believe that it will definitely help you understand Android contacts!


The following two figures are displayed: Go to the program page (the menu includes adding contacts and displaying all groups); the page after adding contacts (the Avatar uses quickcontactbadge)

Add contacts (add profile pictures, add multiple types of phone numbers, email addresses, etc., and click "green"+"OK)

To operate on contacts, you only need to press

Displays contact details (quickcontactbadge, checkbox, and listview are used)

Modify the contact information on the same page as the new contact.

Group operation:

Add, delete, modify, and query a group (you can edit or delete a group by long-clicking ):

Import and remove groups:

Source code link:

Http:// Consumer id = 3115 & UK = 2953765628

Hope to study and make progress together with those interested in contacts!

Happy New Year!

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