"Called the animal School" takes you to taste the dessert made by "aunt": Android 2.0 (eclair)-live

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"Called the animal School" takes you to taste the dessert made by "aunt": Android 2.0 (eclair) -- live




Let's talk about the SDK for everyone. Basically, This SDK version keeps up with the trend.

The android 2.0 (eclair) released last week first appeared on the SDK, therefore, you can get the first chance to taste the dessert prepared by your aunt on the SDK.

The SDK 2.0 released by "aunt" is not a brand new independent installation package as before, but a separate 2.0 platform extension package.

This separate upgrade package must be managed, installed, and debugged through the android SDK and AVD manager in SDK 1.6.

You can enable Android. bat in the 1.6 SDK to upgrade and install the SDK. However, because "aunt" has been lost in idea for many years, you cannot normally browse the 2.0 update package!

The following two methods are provided for you to taste the delicious eclair!

Method 1:Wet inbound slide-out proxy method

In fact, Android SDK and AVD manager support agent upgrade.

First, open Android. bat in the tools folder of the 1.6 SDK. At this time, the android SDK and AVD manager will automatically pop up.



Select Settings on the left, and then enter the proxy IP address and port in the proxy settings box.

(For this proxy word, I believe that many of those who have been studying Japanese love action movies for a long time should be quite familiar with it)

Then select the two options in Misc. Finally, you can click Save & apply in the lower right corner with the fastest click speed!



After completing the above operations, you are honored to be told by the beast. You have already wet the slide out and set the proxy!

In this case, you only need to refresh the available packages on the left side, and you will see the SDK 2.0 update and other update components of your aunt.


At this time, you only need to select the project you want to update. Here, we suggest you select API 5 out of 2.0.

After the selection is complete, click Install selected in the lower right corner at a very fast speed.




At this time, a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to continue the installation. At this time, Select accept all and then install accepted!

At this time, the SDK will automatically help you download and install the selected update, because the agent connection is used. The speed is estimated to be no closer!

This reminds you that you can use the upgrade and installation time to start one or two of your favorite love action movies or academic websites.

After you see all the process entries in the small box and the package successful is displayed, the 2.0 upgrade and installation are completed!

After the upgrade and installation are complete, you can click New in Virtual Devices to create a 2.0-based AVD runtime environment.

After creation, you can start to taste eclair.



Method 2:Strong Insertion Method

If you do not know much about the proxy settings, you can use this method to upgrade the agent. You only need to download the android 2.0 independent upgrade package.

Then put the upgrade package in the android-sdk-windows-1.6_r1 \ platforms directory can be!

In this case, open the android SDK and AVD manager to create a 2.0 platform AVD runtime environment!

Android 2.0 independent upgrade package download: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/android-2.0_r01-windows.zip

We recommend that you use thunder for download! If you have configured the runtime environment of 2.0, an error message is displayed!

Copy the ini configuration file in. Android \ AVD under the installation directory of your SDK to C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator \. Android \ AVD to run properly!

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