Cannot create JDBC driver of class ' for connect URL ' null ' problem resolution

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Cannot create JDBC driver of class ' for connect URL ' null ' workaround 1 Technically, it's not a mistake, just a different version. tomcat-5.0.28 is this form<resource name= "Jdbc/conn" type= "Javax.sql.DataSource"/><resourceparams name= "Jdbc/conn" ><parameter><name>maxwait</name><value>5000</ Value></parameter><parameter><name>maxactive</name><value>10</value> </parameter><parameter><name>password</name><value>tiger</value></ Parameter><parameter><name>url</name><value>jdbc:oracle:thin: @localhost: oracle</ Value></parameter><parameter><name>driverclassname</name><value> Oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver</value></parameter><parameter><name>maxidle</name ><value>1</value></parameter><parameter><name>username</name><value >scott</value></parameter></ResourceParams>   but apache-tomcat-6.0.32 is going to have this form < Resource name= "Jdbc/conn" auth= "Container" type= "Javax.sql.DataSource" maxactive= "Ten" maxidle= "1" maxwait= "5000" Username= "Scott" password= "Tiger" DRiverclassname= "Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" url= "Jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/neusys"/> cannot create  JDBC driver of class  '  for connect URL  ' null ' problem solving method 2

1) Start the Tomcat server, open the browser, enter http://localhost:8080/ Admin (where localhost is the name server or host),
Enter the Admin Interface landing page, this time please enter the original installation required the user name and password, login to the management interface,

2) Select Resources-data Sources Enter the configuration data source interface, select
 data source Actions, select Create NewData source, enter the configuration details interface
The main contents are as follows:
JNDI Name:  ->jdbc/mysql
Data Source url ->jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test
JDBC Driver class->
3) Modify the \conf\catalina\localhost directory to create an XML file named the name of the Web app you are publishing. XML, such as Testpool.xml, opens adding content as follows:
<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?
 < Resource
     name= "Jdbc/mysql"
     type= " Javax.sql.DataSource "
     password=" 123456 "
      Driverclassname= ""
     maxidle= "2"
      maxwait= "" "
     username=" root "
     url = "Jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test"
     maxactive= "4"/>

contents are <globalnamingresources> with Conf/server.xml;
      name= "Jdbc/mysql"
     type= "Javax.sql.DataSource"
      password= "123456"
     driverclassname= " "
     maxidle=" 2 "
     maxwait = "" "
     username=" root "
     url=" jdbc:mysql:// Localhost:3306/test "
     maxactive=" 4 "/>

Missing This step will error: Cannot create JDBC driver of class ' for connect URL ' null '
4) modify Web. XML

Open%tomcat_home%\conf\web.xml or Yourwebapp/web-inf/web.xml and add the following:
Note that res-ref-name fills in the same name as the Jndi name mentioned earlier in this section.
Here, the configuration work is basically done!

5) Use "Java:comp/env/jdbc/mysql" when referencing Jndi;
To establish a file test test.jsp:
<% @page contenttype= "Text/html;charset=utf-8"%>
<% @page import= "java.sql.*"%>
<% @page  import= "javax.sql.*"%>
<% @page  import= "javax.naming.*"%>
<title>tomcat Connection Pool test </ Title>
  Context ctx=new initialcontext ();
  Connection Conn=null;
  datasourceds= (DataSource) ctx.lookup ("Java:comp/env/jdbc/mysql");
  conn=ds.getconnection ();
  Statementstmt=conn.createstatement (resultset.concur_read_only,resultset.concur_updatable);
  ResultSet rs=stmt.executequery ("SELECT * fromtestexample");
  while ( ()) {
  out.println (Rs.getint (1));
  Out.println (rs.getstring (2));
  Out.println (rs.getstring (3));
  OUT.PRINTLN ("Database operation succeeded! ");
  Rs.close ();
  Stmt.close ();
  Conn.close ();

Cannot create JDBC driver of class ' for connect URL ' null ' problem resolution

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