Cannot locate ordinal 325 in dynamic link library SHDOCVW.dll what to do

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Solving method

1. Copy Shdocvw.dll (shdocvw.dll files are in c:windowssystem32), the problem of the computer in the PE system or Safe Mode open (press F8), the problem of computer Shdocvw.dll file Rename ( Because the system problem cannot be pasted directly to replace the problem file, it has to be renamed, for example: I change the Shdocvw.dll file to Shdocvw11.dll, and then copy the normal Shdocvw.dll file to c:windows system32. Ps:pe system without renaming, directly overwrite the replacement can be.

2. Problems arising from the cumulative security update of Internet Explorer, the solution is:

Select Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, tick the "Show Updates" section at the top of the interface, and then remove the patch KB976325.

This type of failure is typically caused by Third-party vulnerability scanning software. Similar to the 360 has been found in the patch, the original is KB976325 this patch instead of KB972260, found after the c:windows$ntuninstallkb976325 folder, and then into the Spuninst run Spuninst.exe, You can uninstall the patch. (one thing to be aware of, maybe people who don't use computers may not find $ntuninstallkb976325 This folder, it is because it hides, in My Computer's tool menu, click the folder option, in the view, the two hidden file options to cancel, and then determine, you can find it.

Solution Summary:

1. Replace the Shdocvw.dll under C:windowssystem32

2. Uninstall KB976325 (XP system under the kb972260,2003 system is KB978207; In Add remove program, remove the corresponding patch, then the IE browser can be opened normally. )

3, if your machine system backup, if you feel the recent machine for a long time did not redo the system, you can restore the system, cleaner and more assured.

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