Cannot locate ordinal 325 in dynamic link library Shdocvw.dll

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The new laptop (Lenovo Zhaoyang e43l) 's operating system is Windows XP Home SP3, and yesterday it was found to be using IE with a pop-up error:

Cannot locate ordinal 325 in dynamic link library Shdocvw.dll.

The laptop is a new one, and the operating system was taken out of the pre-installed and reinstalled with the recovery disk then use 360 dozen patches, then normal, then I shut down, into a key to restore play, prompted me a few system files are damaged, I looked at the next is a few. dll files, then did not think, let them recover. Then restart the system, obediently, using IE when prompted "unable to locate the ordinal number 325 in the dynamic link library Shdocvw.dll", always prompted to download the HTML page. No way, Google A, find such a link:

The network Master Seup.exe 360se.exe cannot find the ordinal question


The anonymous user who answered the question is really a talent.

So I followed the prompts to uninstall the kb972260, after the reboot, the error did not, but I

Ms09-034:cumulative security update for Internet Explorer

Never found the kb972260 that would lead me to the wrong description, in general, if the patch will affect the system, KB Web page will certainly have instructions, and, ignore a hint of a serious security patch is not advisable, so I reinstall on the kb972260, restart, open IE, No error message appears. I analyzed the next, it should be I play a key recovery when the several DLL files are restored to play kb972260 before, so the above error, and then I looked at the kb972260 DLL file version number, found that indeed. So, this error has nothing to do with kb972260. Can be based on their own operating system to check the Shdocvw.dll version number is not the corresponding operating system with the version number in KB, if not, uninstall the kb972260 reinstall, but also pay attention to what the System Restore software to restore the DLL file to the old version of the.

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