Canon 5DMarkII Photography as a miniature landscape photo tutorial

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Give the photographers a detailed explanation to share a tutorial on Canon 5DMarkII shooting as a miniature landscape photo.
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The state of the lens
If you use a general shot to take a picture of the scene, even if the maximum aperture, if the shooting distance, the entire screen will be basically in the range of the focus, resulting in a similar effect of pan-Coke. The illustration is taken at the 35 floor of the building, and the obvious difference is seen in comparison with the photographs taken by the axis-shift lens.
Shooting data
Camera: EOS 5D Mark ii/Lens: EF 24-70mm f/2.8l usm/aperture Priority Auto Exposure (f2.8,1/2000 sec)/iso 100/white balance: Auto/exposure Compensation: +1/3ev
Shooting Essentials
Essentials 1: Showing a strong virtual sense of the model
Essentials 2: The key is to use the maximum aperture to shoot
1. Install the camera on the tripod

In order to effectively control the focal position, the camera must be firmly fastened to the tripod. And the composition is also a very important element, it is best to use the camera can easily adjust the angle of the three-dimensional PTZ.
2. Start real-time display shooting

Because of the need for accurate coke, so here to use real-time display shooting function for filming preparation. In comparison to the optical viewfinder, real-time display is easy to observe the details of the picture, the use of this function is very effective when moving the axis photography.
3. Use dip function to tilt the focal surface

Using the tilt function of the motion lens, the lens tilts toward the direction of the sky, allowing only a small portion of the screen to be burnt. This technique is called "reverse axis" because it is tilted to the opposite angle of the subject.
4. Use 10 times times zoom display for focus, then release shutter

To focus more correctly, enlarge the screen 10 times times. Let the focal position in the whole picture visual most want to highlight the part. If the focus is on people and cars and so on, it is easy to reflect the same as the miniature model of the atmosphere, the focal position is determined to release the shutter.
Create an illusion of the eye with a lens and take pictures of a unique atmosphere
The scenery in this picture looks like a miniature model, which is incredible. Such a picture is now quietly emerging. The reason it looks like a model is because of its virtual effect. Like a macro shot, the focal part and the large part of the blur exist in a photograph, which makes good use of the illusion. The general lens in the longer photographic distance can not be photographed this effect, but the use of moving the lens can freely control the direction of the focal surface, so can get such special visual effects. These photos should be taken as high as possible. It can be viewed from a window overlooking a watchtower or high-rise building. Theoretically using any of the focal length of the moving axis lens can be photographed, but considering the extent of the virtual and shooting range, such as the use of 35mm full format camera, then Ts-e 45mm f/2.8 more convenient.
Small Tips
Carefully adjust the composition and tilt, more emphasis on "unrest"

When photographing the miniature effect of the landscape, the composition must be carefully adjusted and the picture must be kept strictly horizontal and vertical. Select the live Display feature setting from the menu, and choose one that fits the composition from the "grid line display". Before the dip operation, you can use the outline of the building or horizontal lines, so that the screen to maintain a strict level and vertical. Using DIP function to adjust the focal surface is the key to successful shooting. The characteristic of this technique is the "insecurity" caused by the large deficiency of the focal position before and after the occurrence. In order to make this effect more obvious, than the general shooting more attention should not let the picture tilt.
Well, the above information is small set to all the photography enthusiasts brought to the detailed Canon 5DMarkII shooting like miniature landscape photos of the tutorials to share all the content, you see the photographers here, small knitting believe you now that is very clear method of shooting it, So let's go and take a picture of a miniature model like the one you've brought on the small series.

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