Canon S200 performance and Canon 650D performance comparison

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To the photographic enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon S200 camera performance and Canon 650D camera performance comparison.
Analytical sharing:
Canon S200 is equipped with a 3.0-inch, 461,000-pixel "Crystal Dazzle II" G-Type large LCD LCD screen, the use of polarizer laminating technology, to avoid outdoor framing under the interference of ambient light, can get good viewing effect in daylight.
Canon S200 's fuselage size is about 99.8x59x26.3mm and weighs only 181g. and Canon 650D about 1.04 million points 3.0-inch rotatable LCD screen combined with smart phones and other commonly used capacitive touch technology, just touch the screen with a finger can operate a variety of functions.

Canon S200 used a 10.1 million-pixel 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor, equipped with DIGIC 5 image processor, the range of iso80-6400, in the noise and data processing speed performance is excellent.
and Canon 650D is an APS format SLR digital camera, with the newly developed about 18 million effective pixel CMOS image sensor, in the space of about 22.3x14.9 mm reasonable configuration of pixels. Using DIGIC 5 Digital Image processor, the data processing performance of DIGIC 4 is about 6 times times.

Canon S200 used a S100 with the same 5 times times optical zoom lens, the equivalent of 24-120mm focal segment, the largest f2.0-5.9 aperture, not only to achieve high-speed shutter shooting, but also to show the effect of a moderately virtual background.
In addition, Canon S200 supports 720p (1280x720 24fps) h.264 format Full HD video shooting. and Canon 650D use of high frequency central to the focus is also configured with a large aperture lens can play the effect of the corresponding F2.8 beam cross auto focus sensor, support Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, support high-definition 1280x720 pixel video capture and SD-pixel video shooting.
Well, the above information is small knitting to all of you photography enthusiasts brought to the detailed Canon S200 camera performance and Canon 650D camera performance comparison analysis of all the content of sharing, you see the photography enthusiasts here, small knitting believe that everyone now that is very clear two camera contrast between the information, Hope that the small series on the face of these two performance analysis of the content can give you photography enthusiasts to bring useful help.

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