Cas-based. NET Single-point login integration service client

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A. Net spof client based on Java CAS is implemented at the commission of colleagues.


Single Sign-On (SSO) is a technology that allows users to access multiple systems. Users only need to register once upon logon, you can freely move between multiple systems without having to repeatedly enter your username and password to determine your identity. The essence of Single Sign-on is the transfer or sharing of security context or credential among multiple application systems. When a user logs on to the system, the client software establishes a security context for the user based on the user's creden (such as the user name and password). The security context includes security information used to verify the user, the system uses this security context and security policy to determine whether a user has the permission to access system resources.

There are many mature SSO products in the industry,

There are charged, IBM's portal, open source, and Sun's open SSO.

We use CAS of JA-sig to implement SSO.

CAS was previously developed by the Yale University of the miguo, and then restructured by JA-Sig.

The official website address is you can find the relevantCodeAnd documentation. 

/Files/design-life/dotnetcasclientverification service .rar

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