Case analysis of Baidu and Google's response to the 301 shift

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Recently, my friend said that he is going to change the domain name, the reason is very simple, they do not have the Domain name Management Authority (Khan, beginning he did not know this, resulting in the accumulation of 5 years the weight of the domain name is completely for others to accumulate). So I agreed to give him 301 weight transfer. In fact, in this case, began to progress very well, but during the 301 transfer, domain name management and space issues, resulting in 301 of sudden interruption! It's depressing, but the good news is that Google has been tested. Below I send the record to give everybody the reference, hoped has the help.

No. 4-8

Site snapshot update to number 4-7, but included did not increase, ranking unchanged. The old web site is not affected.

No. 4-9

Snapshots of the site to update to 4-8, included unchanged (5), the chain increased, the ranking has not changed, the old site ranking is still in.

Number 4-10 (max change)

Snapshots of the site to update to 4-9, included 12, outside the chain increased (19), ranking replaced the old station rankings, the old station ranking disappeared. Google has included 265 new station (site old site included 993), the new station title or the old station title. (Early rankings do not pay attention to observation, mistakes). Through the above observation, can be sure that 301 of the procedure is correct, weight transfer is also very normal.

 Ranking phenomenon:

Baidu: Regional words, ranking the old station of the title; but not the regional word really new station title; (the original regional word rankings and now almost, explain that Baidu for the 301 turn, ranking good, or will be the original station to do the basis, and the beginning is not very good, will have a new station appear rank)

Google: Regardless of whether or not the regional words, are the old station title, Google to 301 turn is indeed not the same as Baidu (perhaps their search mechanism to express the different bar).

(Note: The replacement of the weight is basically converted, but the strange thing is, the new station ranking title is indeed the original title of the old site)

No. 4-11

Site Snapshot update 10th, included 14, Google included 72, the chain has not changed, ranking is only a slight change. The overall change is small

No. 4-12

Site snapshots for 11th, hundred included 14, Google included 119, outside the chain of 124, ranked unchanged.

No. 4-13

Site snapshot 12th, hundred included 14, Google included as 141, outside the chain of 129, the rankings change little.

No. 4-14

13th site snapshots, Baidu included 14, Google included 158, outside the chain of 31 (the original chain is a lot of links to the impression), the ranking changes are not small, but Google ranked now is the new station title ranking. (Outside: Baidu non-regional words: new title, Snapshot Time 4-13, regional: old title, snapshot time 4-1;); In the afternoon query, the PR value has been passed to the new station, the old station show hijacked the new station PR (so it seems that Google has successfully transferred the weight, spents 7 days)

No. 4-15

Site snapshots for 13th, Baidu included 6, Google included 165, outside the chain of 25, the rankings change little, Google's non-regional rankings change big. Today's strange is that the PR has become 0, the old station or reality hijacked the new station PR (do you still want to take an examination of the new station?)

No. 4-16

14th site snapshots, Baidu included 7 (basically the page after the revision of the title), outside the chain 121 (many are check the chain link), Google included 165, Google rankings are now all new station title; Baidu is not a regional "interior design Training" the first page, but the ranking of the title really old station title, let the person egg pain ah, not the first page of the other 2 words, but is the new station title.

Today is a big change ... In the morning I check the site jump problem, found that the old site is 302 jump to the new station, then wondered, why so, just start to check the time, is clearly 301, how changed! In the evening, my colleague said that the site ranking is not changed back? At that time there was a feeling of wrong, a check ranking, all down!!

Degree of all rankings down, the regional ranking is now finally the new station title appears. Google rankings have not been affected.

No. 4-17

Snapshot number 16th, the site is 9, Google included 487,PR into 1, outside the chain of 188. As a result of the jump problem (become 302), Baidu has put the weight back to cq81, the original rankings are all given to the cq81. And now the ranking is completely no cq81 weight rankings, but the new station weight rankings; Google is intact not affected, guess 301 conversion has been successful. Afternoon 3::3 points around, 301 problem solving, see when Baidu Restore.

No. 4-18

Snapshot for 17th, the site is included 10, Google included 500, outside the chain 191,PR into 0, now the situation and yesterday's no big changes, or cq81 rankings.

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