Causes and solutions for truncation of long file names of other files stored in ASP. NET and SharePoint

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If you want to download a Word document or a file with more than 15 Chinese characters or letters of a certain length, right-click and choose Save As. Then, 15 Chinese characters are left in the file name column of the Save box, and others are ignored.

I started to find a solution, and directly click the file, the client will be used by defaultProgramOpen a Word file. For example, a Word file is opened in word, and the file name is normal. Then, save the word as normal.

Use the resource manager view of moss to directly copy the file from the view.

But the other storage is not normal. The above are all tested in the IE6 environment.

There are a lot of Google surfing on the Internet, which seems to be related to browsers. I installed other browsers, Firefox and opera, and found that these browsers can be saved normally and the long file name is correct.

After installing IE7, I found that the long file name has been converted into a combination of numbers and letters in the SAVE box. Why?

After installing IE8, you can. This time, the files with long file names are saved and the names are not truncated. However, it takes a little longer to save the data for another storage than IE6. Why?

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