Cdlinux wireless route WPA2 cracking system basic tutorial

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If you do not like running a virtual machine, you can directly burn the disc to load and start it. However, in order to facilitate the running of the package (brute force password cracking), it is easier to use the Virtual Machine in windows. In terms of hardware, if I use the card King and the chip is 8187, you can arrange it according to your actual situation.

 First download"Cdlinux. ISO wireless cracking system"


Then prepare the virtual machine. I used the vm6

If you do not like running the VM, you can directly burn the disc to load and start it.

However, it is easier to use virtual machines in Windows to run packets (brute-force password cracking ).

In terms of hardware, I use Kanto and chips.8187Of

You can arrange it according to your actual situation.

Step 1: Set up a virtual machine (the VM can be directly started by the CD)

Now you can start the VM!


Photo name: Select Chinese here. Do you know?

Start the system and select the language interface. Here you choose Chinese. If you are a foreigner and select a foreign language, I believe you are Chinese here?

VM startup ing

It is exciting to start.





Step 2: crack wep/wpa2

1. The system is started. This is the desktop! What? Familiar with it? Like win! Easy to use


2. Open the first software minidwep-gtk ~~ in the second row ~~ In this dialog box, click OK! It's over.


3. Check the drop-down menu in the upper left corner and find your Nic !!! Then, in the upper right corner !! Scan! L start! Then we started to get excited !~

4. Are you excited? No?

Sssid --- scan the mac address pwr: signal strength data of the wireless access point. This is the essid at the end of the so-called data packet? That is the route name you have scanned! So I can understand it, right? Of course, if there are no data packets, you can save it! After all, it is a cracking! If no data packet exists, the handshake packet cannot be captured. How can this problem be solved? So the data volume is still required! Then, after the handshake packet is captured, the attack starts!


5. How is it? Hey, you see it? The software has found the vro encrypted in wpa2! Of course, the search method of the software is to search together, that is, wep and wpa2. Let's see the "encryption method" on the Left bar of the software. If you select wep, the wep-encrypted route is displayed, if you select wpa2, The wpa2-encrypted route is displayed. Here we will talk about how to crack the wpa2-encrypted route! That's why wep was taken! If you are cracking the wep route, click the "Start" button on the right bar, And the rest do not need to automatically search for the password (the premise is that there are packets !)

6. Capture the handshake package, read the last line of the image, and capture a handshake package. The handshake package is waiting for authentication. You will be prompted after authentication! Tell you have caught a handshake package and you can crack it! (Of course, it takes patience to capture the handshake package. Sometimes the rp may surge and I will catch it after 10 minutes)

7. Basically, it has been successful, and the rest is cracking! Start to crack the first part, run the package, and test the password!

8. Next, contribute your dictionary to minidwep-gtk! Hey, will this happen? I will give him a dictionary and the last wordlist.txt. You can select a dictionary based on the actual situation. In fact, I have stored more than 3G dictionaries! Hey, but this route is weak! So this dictionary is enough!


9. decrypt it now. It's successful !!! Hey, haha !!! We can see wpakey: 0123456789. This is the password! What is the password? Why 」??? /B>

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