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Recently need to monitor all the servers in the company, of course, there are many software can perform this function, such as Microsoft's scom, there is today's Nagios software, but the former is okay to say that the Windows platform products, or better configuration and installation, But if we're going to install Nagios, there may be a little bit bad, because this dongdong is installed on the Linux platform, last night did not sleep, how to go to the outfit, today, the installation of the relevant way to send up, share, for Friends for reference reference.

First, let's take a look at what is Nagios? , Nagios is an open-source monitoring software used to monitor systems and networks, which is typically run on a master server running Liunx or Unix operating systems. Nagios can be a powerful plug-in function to achieve the local and remote service monitoring, when the object of the monitoring is abnormal, Nagios will promptly give management alarm. This function is very good oh, moreover, it can also be considered as a TCP/IP protocol based software package, including Nagios main program and its various plug-ins, configuration is very flexible, can monitor a lot of items, can also be customized by a number of shell scripts for monitoring services, Very suitable for all kinds of enterprises network and system platform service monitoring applications.

Sound Nagios function is very powerful, it can monitor the service and host, but in fact he does not include this part of the function of the code, all the monitoring, detection functions are plug-ins to complete. For example, alarm function, if the monitoring system found that the problem can not be reported to the police that there is no sense, so the alarm is also a very important function of Nagios. However, the same, Nagios itself there is no alarm part of the code, not even plug-ins this part, we can only find some relevant plug-ins to fix, here we introduce just nagios installation, refers to the basic platform, that is Nagios software package installation. It is the framework of the monitoring system, but also the basis of all monitoring, later I will also be based on the configuration of the progress of the back of the Dongdong also sent up to add to everyone, study together, progress together.

Next, we will take a look at how on the Linux platform Ann Nagios This dongdong, here, I personally think CentOS is still relatively good platform, if you want to install the words CentOS This is a good choice oh, And you can also through the Linux command line to run Yum update to achieve system upgrades, I personally feel relevant convenient and easy to use. OK, let's get to the next step and talk about how to install:

1 Install Apache and set boot up

? Install the Apache program

[Root@localhost nagios-3.2.3]# Yum Install httpd

Total Download Size:1.6m

Is this ok[y/n]:y

Importing GPG key 0xe8562897 "CentOS-5 key CentOS 5 official key) <centos-5-key@centos.org>" signing Rpm-gpg/rpm-gpg-key-centos-5 is this ok [y/n]:y

After the installation is successful, it will display the following figure:

[Root@localhost nagios-3.2.3]# chkconfig--levels httpd on

[root@localhost nagios-3.2.3]# service httpd start

Start httpd:[OK]

2) Installation configuration PHP

Installing PHP Programs

[root@localhost nagios-3.2.3]# Yum Install PHP

Total Download size:4.9 M

Is this OK [y/n]:y

Display the following image when the installation is complete

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