CENTOS 6.10 Installation VirtualBox virtualization Platform

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1. Improve the existing server utilization, reduce the cost of single server;

2. Virtualization is simple and quick to operate

3. Graphical operation control interface for remote access to operational servers anywhere

Implementing the required Resources
1. The underlying operating system select CentOS 6.10 x86-64 Download link
2. Virtualization platform Select VirtualBox 5.2.20 and extension oracle_vm_virtualbox_extension_pack-5.2.20.vbox-extpack resource address
3. Console version Select phpvirtualbox5.2.0 Resource Address

Introduction to Installation steps:
1. Installation of environmental resources:
Yum-y Install build-essential dkms unzip wget apache2 php php-mysql libapache2-mod-php php-soap php-xml
2. Installing VirtualBox
Yum-y Install virtualbox-5.2-5.2.20_125813_el6-1.x86_64.rpm
3. Installing the VirtualBox extension control
Vboxmanage Extpack Install oracle_vm_virtualbox_extension_pack-5.2.20
4. Unzip the Phpvirtualbox into the Apache directory
Unzip Phpvirtualbox-develop.zip

CP phpvirtualbox-develop/var/www/html/phpvirtualbox/-FPR
5. Change the Phpvirtualbox parameter
CP Config.php-example config.php
Vim config.php


1/ Username/password for System user, runs VirtualBox /2 var $username = ' Linux user name '; 3 var $password = ' password ';

Create a/etc/default/virtualbox file


The Linux user specified above is still added

Vboxweb_user=linux User Name

6. Restart the service
Service Vboxdrv Restart
Service Vboxweb-service Restart
Service httpd Restart

7. Install successfully, open the console
Open the browser, enter the URL:/HTTP/server address/phpvirtualbox/
After entering the default user identification (Admin) and password (admin), an interface that is identical to the original VirtualBox will be displayed.

CENTOS 6.10 Installation VirtualBox virtualization Platform

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