CentOS Install PHP ide (eclipse + PHP plugin)

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1. Check for updates and install eclipse
Yum Check-update
Yum Install eclipse*
Eclipse is now installed, by default in/usr/lib/, and can be
Cd/usr/lib into the directory (with Ls-a is not visible to eclipse, with the following command is possible)
CD eclipse enters the directory where the installation files are located (Install the PHP plugin below)
When installation eclipse is complete, you can start eclipse in two ways, [for convenience, you can set up a shortcut on the desktop
The first time it started so slowly that I thought I was stuck, so I waited patiently.
1. From the menu "Applications"-"programming"-"Eclipse" boot
2. Launch directly from the Terminal Input command: Eclipse
Because eclipse
Is a Java tool, so in order to support other programming languages, you have to install the appropriate plug-in, the following is the installation of PHP plug-ins
To http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpeclipse/download plugin, unzip, and then unzip out the
The plugins and features folders are copied to the plugins and features under Eclipse (the Eclipse installation directory, which is said to enter the Eclipse directory)
, overwriting its files can
Since the PHP plugin has not yet been installed, Eclipse has already been run, that is, the eclipse has been compiled
Related configuration, so to clear those configuration, let it recompile, the plug-in is also compiled to go to the line
Use the terminal to enter the Eclipse installation directory, which is just above to enter the Eclipse directory and execute
At this point, turn off Eclipse and restart (it is necessary to restart the computer, if you do not see the plug-in, then many
Try two times
Clear the Elipse compilation configuration, restart Eclipse [Note that the general first time delay])
At this point the work is done, just like the PHP IDE under win

CentOS Install PHP ide (eclipse + PHP plugin)

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