CentOS FTP Installation Configuration

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First, VSFTP installation Chapter

The code is as follows:
# Install VSFTPD
Yum-y Install VSFTPD
# start
Service VSFTPD Start
# Turn on startup
Chkconfig vsftpd on

Second, the service of VSFTP related orders

The code is as follows:
# Start the FTP service
Service VSFTPD Start
# View FTP Service status
Service VSFTPD Status
# Restart FTP Service
Service VSFTPD Restart
# Close the FTP service
Service VSFTPD Stop

Three, VSFTP configuration chapter

The code is as follows:
# Disable anonymous User anonymous login
# allow local users to log on
# Let the logged in user have Write permission (upload, delete)
# default Umask
# Save log of transfer records to/var/log/vsftpd.log
# Allow ASCII mode upload
# allow ASCII mode to download
# Transfer data using port 20th
# Welcome Slogan
Ftpd_banner=welcome to use my test FTP server.
# The next three configurations are important
# Chroot_local_user Set the Yes, then all users will be chroot by default,
# also the user directory is limited to its own home, unable to change the directory up.
# chroot_list_enable Set the Yes, which makes the chroot user list valid.
#★ Super Important: If Chroot_local_user is set to Yes, then Chroot_list_file
# settings in the file, is not chroot users (can change the directory up)
#★ Super Important: If Chroot_local_user set no, then Chroot_list_file
# in the file set, is the user chroot (unable to change the directory up)
# touch/etc/vsftpd/chroot_list New
# run on IPv4 in standalone mode
# PAM Authentication Service name, here by default is VSFTPD, when installing VSFTPD, the Pam file has been created,
# in/ETC/PAM.D/VSFTPD, according to the settings in this Pam file,/etc/vsftpd/ftpusers
# users in the file will not be allowed to log on to the FTP server, such as root sensitive users, so you want to prohibit other users
# when logged in, you can also append the user to the/etc/vsftpd/ftpusers.
# Restart VSFTPD
Service VSFTPD Restart

Iv. vsftp User Chapter

The code is as follows:
# Create User
useradd-d/home/webapps/www.xxx.com-s/sbin/nologin-m hzh1990
# Set User to Folder
Chown-r Username/home/webapps/www.xxx.com/public
# Set permissions
Chown-r 777/home/webapps/www.xxx.com/public
# Add a password
passwd hzh1990, password-and Confirm password

CentOS FTP Installation Configuration

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