CentOS system based OCS2.1.2 installation GLPI 0.85

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CentOS system based OCS2.1.2 installation GLPI 0.85

For the novice to compile and install: It is not recommended to use compile and install, unless you really know what you are doing. Compilation and installation is not good, will you touch the full head is blood, time is also consumed, the task has not been completed, the boss still look down on you, to the end or Yum one key installation.

1, first install OCS http://990487026.blog.51cto.com/10133282/1686444

To install JSON:

TAR-ZXF json-1.2.1.tgz

CD json-1.2.1

Vim json_parser.c//glpi requires a JSON module, which needs to be increased before compiling

#define ZVAL_DELREF z_delref_p//rpm installation PHP5.3 does not support this symbol, you need to manually add the line, the preceding # do not remove

Phpize//If there is no phpize command, then use Yum to install the Php-devel package



Make install

Find/-name*json.so//See if the JSON module is successfully installed


Vim/etc/php.ini//Add to Downlink


Vim/etc/php.d/json.ini//Create Json.ini file, add the following two lines

; Enable SNMP Extension Module


Use the PHP-M command to see if PHP has loaded the JSON module

Install Glpi:

TAR-ZXF glpi-0.84.5.tar.gz

MV glpi/var/www/html///Put the extracted Glpi directory into the Web path

Chmod-r 755/var/www/html/glpi/config///grant config and files directory permissions

Chmod-r 755/var/www/html/glpi/files/

echo "extension=mbstring.so" >>/etc/php.ini

Chown-r apache:apache/var/www/html/glpi///Change the owner and owner of the GLPI directory


MYSQL-UROOT-P123456-E "CREATE database Glpi;"

Service mysqld Restart

Restart HTTPD Service

Service httpd Restart
Service Iptables Stop
Setenforce 0

[Actoion] Invalid resolution

Vim glpi/inc/ajxc.class.php
In line 95th
Removal ($param [' Extraparam ']);
Restart Apache

CentOS system based OCS2.1.2 installation GLPI 0.85

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