CENTOS6 System SNMP Monitoring installation configuration and Usage example

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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), consisting of a set of standards for network management, comprising an application-layer protocol (Application layer protocol), a database model (DB Schema), and a set of resource objects. The following and 111CN Small series look at the CENTOS6 system SNMP monitoring installation configuration and use.

  Install NET-SNMP

CentOS and other Redhat series products provide a NET-SNMP binary package. We can install it directly from the source.


Yum Install Net-snmp net-snmp-devel net-snmp-utils

Description: Net-snmp-devel is to use Net-snmp-config, Net-snmp-utils is to use Snmpwalk.

  Configure NET-SNMP


Create-snmpv3-user-ro-a Snmp@jiankongbao-a MD5 Jiankongbao

Above command, create a Snmpv3 user, read only, use MD5, username is Jiankongbao, password is Snmp@jiankongbao.

Note: Please deactivate the NET-SNMP service before running.


Service SNMPD Stop


The method of running NET-SNMP service is relatively simple, but the name of NET-SNMP service is snmpd.


Service SNMPD Start

If you want to join the boot Autorun Service list:


Chkconfig snmpd on


We can use Snmpwalk to detect if the SNMP service is turned on properly.


Snmpwalk-v 3-u jiankongbao-a md5-a "Snmp@jiankongbao"-l authnopriv SYSDESCR

If everything works, it will return to normal results.

  With a firewall, you have to open the UDP 161 port.

[Root@zhudoubaby ~]# Iptables-l

Chain INPUT (Policy ACCEPT)

Target Prot opt source destination

Rh-firewall-1-input All-anywhere anywhere


Target Prot opt source destination

Rh-firewall-1-input All-anywhere anywhere

Chain OUTPUT (Policy ACCEPT)

Target Prot opt source destination

Chain Rh-firewall-1-input (2 references)

Target Prot opt source destination

ACCEPT UDP--anywhere anywhere state NEW UDP DPT:SNMP (required)

ACCEPT TCP--Anywhere anywhere state NEW TCP DPT:SMTP (NO)


  Using procedure error logging

Note: Sometimes entering service SNMPD status appears

SNMPD dead but PID file exists


SNMPD dead but Subsys locked

The reason is not to enter SNMPD first, the principle is not very clear, but first remember.

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