CentOS6.3 Install IBM WebSphere

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CentOS6.3 Install IBM WebSphere

It's not easy to install WAS7 on centosx86_64, it's a great success, uh 、、、 take it down

1, download

The latest version is 8.5, you can download to was.repo.8500.developers.ilan_part1~3.zip,3g more, but, the end will not be installed (Khan)

I installed the 7 trial version. Download the address anyway is the official website look for, download the end of was.cd.70011.trial.base.opt.linux.ia32.tar.gz

2, installation

to the root user.

TAR-ZXVF was.cd.70011.trial.base.opt.linux.ia32.tar.gz


3, tangled Error: Unable to find a supported browser, clearly installed with Firefox. Later found that the Firefox version is too high, 10.0.12, need to change

Vim launchpad/browser.sh

Found it

Supportedfirefoxversion a paragraph, found inside only 1-9 version of Firefox, add a sentence before return 1

*firefox/1[0-9].*) return 0;;

4, start again, smooth open the Web page, but click to start the Installer button, no response, also do not report errors. This is where the egg hurts.

5, how to solve? Because was installed on 64-bit Linux and needed to install 32-bit compatibility packs, the following packages must have 32-bit and 64-bit packages installed:











For example: Yum install pam.i686 pam.x86_64

Also need to install the package (only need to install x86_64 version of it)




Probably on these, I network environment is more complex, yum are agents of the Internet, the speed is very slow, so do not remember a lot of, directly download the installation, the dependencies are many, difficult to complete.

In addition, when the 32-bit package is installed with the 64-bit package, need to ensure that two version number consistent, if you have already installed a 32-bit package 1.1, and then install a 64-bit package, but now the 64-bit version of the package is 1.2, so that the installation will fail, should be upgraded first 1.1, direct Yum Install XXX can be automatically upgraded, and then installed can be.

6, finished, start smoothly into the graphical interface, garbled ...

Unset LANG

Come again, pure English, really cool.

7, the back of the fool operation, step by step, there is no need to pay attention to, how to play all line!

8, the default installation directory/opt/ibm/app* remember. Start, close: **/bin/startserver.sh Server1

Stopserver Server1 can be

Default console: localhost:9060

9. Finish the call

10, PostScript

It was later found that the version of was 64-bit for develpoers, which was easily installed successfully!!! Sweat, do not follow the poor way OH

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