centos6.7 use Qperf to test bandwidth and latency on your network!

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Lab Environment:

VMware Workstation 11

Under the centos6.7 system

Server side: Firewall off Setenforce 0

Client side: firewall off Setenforce 0

SECURECRT (SSH remote connection software)

Software Introduction:

Qperf measures bandwidth and latency between, nodes. It can work over TCP/IP as well as

The RDMA transports. On one of the nodes, Qperf are typically run with no arguments desig-

Nating it the server node. One may and then run Qperf on a client node to obtain measurements

such as bandwidth, latency and CPU utilization.

In its more basic form, Qperf is run on one node in server mode by invoking it with no argu-

ments. On the other node, it's run with the arguments:the name of the server node fol-

Lowed by the name of the test.  A list of tests can found in the section, tests. A vari-

Ety of options also be specified.

Use of the software:

We can go straight to man. Qperf


Qperf-measure RDMA and IP performance



Qperf Servernode [OPTIONS] TESTS


To run a TCP bandwidth and latency test:

Qperf MyServer TCP_BW Tcp_lat

To run a SDP bandwidth test for seconds:

Qperf myserver-t SDP_BW

To run a UDP latency test and then cause the server to terminate:

Qperf MyServer Udp_lat quit

To measure the RDMA UD latency and bandwidth:

Qperf MyServer Ud_lat UD_BW

To measure RDMA UC bi-directional Bandwidth:

Qperf MyServer RC_BI_BW

To get a range of TCP latencies with a message size from 1 to 64K

Qperf Myserver-oo Msg_size:1:64k:*2-vu Tcp_lat

Of course, the simple use of the words are relatively easy to get started.

Experimental process:

One, server-side deployment (remember firewall first off)

1. Qperf Software Installation

[email protected] ~]# Yum install-y qperf

2. Qperf Software Startup

[Email protected] ~]# Qperf

II. client Deployment (firewall off)

1. Qperf Software Installation

[email protected] ~]# Yum install-y qperf

2 . Measure TCP Bandwidth and latency

[Email protected] ~]# qperf TCP_BW Tcp_lat


BW = 390 Mb/sec


Latency = 64.7 US

Can see that my bandwidth is 390MB latency is 64.7 us

3. measure TCP bandwidth and delay, configuration of both machines

[Email protected] ~]# qperf tcp_bw Tcp_lat conf


BW = 389 MB/SEC


Latency = 61.7 US


Loc_node = Localhost.localdomain

LOC_CPU = Intel Core i5-3230m @ 2.60GHz

Loc_os = Linux 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64

Loc_qperf = 0.4.9

Rem_node = Localhost.localdomain

REM_CPU = Intel Core i5-3230m @ 2.60GHz

Rem_os = Linux 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64

Rem_qperf = 0.4.9

4, We can change the size of the message (msg_size), such as from 1 bytes to 64K, each multiplication of the way to observe the bandwidth and delay changes

[Email protected] ~]# qperf msg_size:1:64k:*2-vu Tcp_lat


Latency = ~ US

msg_size = 1 bytes


Latency = 53.9 US

msg_size = 2 bytes


Latency = 52.1 US

msg_size = 4 bytes


Latency = 54.1 US

Msg_size = 8 bytes


Latency = 53.5 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 53.3 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 53.8 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 59.7 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 53.8 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 56.2 US

msg_size = bytes


Latency = 55.7 US

Msg_size = 1 KiB (1,024)


Latency = 88.9 US

Msg_size = 2 KiB (2,048)


Latency = 81.9 US

Msg_size = 4 KiB (4,096)


Latency = 102 US

Msg_size = 8 KiB (8,192)


Latency = 212 US

Msg_size = KiB (16,384)


Latency = 278 US

Msg_size = KiB (32,768)


Latency = 501 US

Msg_size = KiB (65,536)

We can see clearly that as the message increases the delay significantly increases.

Thank you all ~~~~~~ hope you learn something.

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centos6.7 use Qperf to test bandwidth and latency on your network!

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