Centos7 under Kubernetes (3. Deploy Kubernetes)

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Environment: three x Centos7

K8s is master; K8s01 is Node1;k8s02 is Node2

Official Document: https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/independent/install-kubeadm/

Note: Kubernetes almost all of the installation components and Docker images are placed on Goolge's own website, which is a very small obstacle to domestic learning kubernetes, it is suggested that network barriers to overcome, or even kubernetes door can not be entered

Installing Docker

Docker installed on all nodes: can be installed with Docker-machine

All node Installation Kubelet,kubeadm,kubectl

Kubelet runs on all cluster nodes and is responsible for starting the container and pod

Kubeadm for initializing cluster

Kubectl is the kubernetes command-line tool. Kubectl lets you deploy and manage apps, view resources, create, delete, and update various components

Centos7 under Kubernetes (3. Deploy Kubernetes)

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