CENTOS7, Windows7 grub2 dual system boot

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Because the original Windows7 and centos6.3 were installed on a laptop. Because centos6.3 can not identify the wireless network card, found on the Internet, to upgrade the kernel to 3.2 or more.

Because I junior level, do not dare to act, afraid to put Windows7 under the data lost.

On the machine has been installed Windows7, divided into 40 g space installation Contos7, because the homework did not enough, found that the CENTOS7 after the Windows7 was gone. A fright,

Finally found that Centos7 no longer use grub, instead of GRUB2. GRUB2 is used in a different way from grub. After a lot of tossing finally installed, wireless card is also installed.

Hereby record


Start installation

After the restart, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet to press F2 into the BIOS to set the USB flash drive as the first boot, but my notebook in the BIOS is not found in the boot key, but by F12 directly appear a selection of the boot interface, and then choose a USB flash drive can be directly into the installation program. So different machine is not the same, specifically to see your own boot interface tips.

After loading the USB stick, the following interface appears, first select with the arrow keys

Then press the TAB key to enter this interface

Modify the command at the bottom of the interface to:

Vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img linux dd quiet

Then enter the interface, this step is to more accurately view the drive letter of the U disk, is the second line in the bottom of the sr0 graph

My diagram is a virtual machine demo interception, so the drive letter is, the sr0 General USB stick will be sdc4 like this, the actual situation in your own view of the subject. Put a picture on the net

Then press the C return, and so on the command line brush, the cursor appears, enter reboot restart the computer, or you can press and hold the Power key to force shutdown, and then manually start. Repeat the previous steps, go to the CentOS installation screen, press the TAB key to change the command line to

Vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img INST.STAGE2=HD:/DEV/SDC4 Quiet

The command sdc4 is the USB drive letter you see, can be changed according to the actual situation. Then enter, if you have not lost the wrong words should come to choose the language interface, and then the graphical setup interface.

The installation after B is followed by the wizard, and when the installation is restarted, the Windows boot entry does not appear

One, boot win7:
1. Use root (must) to open/boot/grub2/grub.cfg
2. Find # # # begin/etc/grub.d/30_os-prober # # #
Add at a later
Menuentry "Windows 7" {
Insmod NTFS
Set root= (hd0,2)
Chainloader +1
Description: Set root= (hd0,2) where hd0 represents the hard disk, 2 is the C drive, my win7 is mounted on the C drive, it is sda2. /dev/sda2 ..... ............. Hpfs/ntfs/exfat

Second, modify the boot order:
# grub2-set-default "Windows 7"

To verify the default startup entry:

# grub2-editenv List


Saved_entry=windows 7

Final execution

$ grub2-mkconfig-o/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

$ reboot



CentOS7 + Win7 Dual system perfect running installation does not require BCD boot-Song Xiaoyu-Blog Park

blog.sina.com.cn by Cico Li Yijie

Et one by one acknowledgements

CENTOS7, Windows7 grub2 dual system boot

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