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In particular, with the promotion of the Sixth Supplementary Agreement signed by Cepa recently, the market integration between Hong Kong and the mainland has taken on a new level, and many mainland companies are gearing up to take this opportunity to penetrate the Hong Kong market.
According to the survey data, 67.9% of mainland enterprises planning to set up offices in Hong Kong expect to establish overseas markets and distribution networks in Hong Kong, and 62.1% expect to find overseas investment and business partners in Hong Kong. But what should these companies do to open up the vast market in Hong Kong and how can they quickly build up their image in Hong Kong?
The deep market of Hong Kong can not be separated from internet marketing
Although network marketing can not replace the traditional marketing, but with the advent of the Internet era, network marketing is also an important means for enterprises to develop the market. The internet is a huge information base, people have been accustomed to access through it, so mining network resources, set up a strong network of enterprises to promote the platform, in order to win more customers, to occupy the market. Especially in the mainland and Hong Kong, the network can build a convenient bridge for enterprises, through this bridge to establish propaganda positions, it is easier to foothold in Hong Kong.
Although the policies implemented by the two places now can bring many conveniences to enterprises, but it is not any difficulties, Hong Kong's land prices and manpower costs are very high, for the mainland enterprises is not a problem, but for small and medium enterprises is more difficult, and network marketing is able to enable enterprises to achieve market operation with low cost. Therefore, companies that are already developing or planning to develop the Hong Kong market should know how to use the Internet to promote their brand and achieve the effect of raising brand awareness and reputation with low cost.
Internet marketing should cater to Hong Kong's characteristics
Of course, if we want to achieve publicity in Hong Kong, we should not just set up a website and then publicize it in the Hong Kong area. Hong Kong has always been the world's attention, her various aspects of development have their own distinctive features, even on the basis of network applications is no exception, she has her own domain name. HK.. HK domain name is known as the Hong Kong Uniform Resource Locator, with a distinctive Hong Kong logo, in the development of the Hong Kong market it has the most representative significance. The author in the Hkdnr Best partner Era Interconnection (www.now.cn), as the mainland and Hong Kong signed the CEPA agreement is perfect every year. The development space of HK domain name is also more and more big, in Hong Kong and the mainland, Hong Kong and overseas business dealings, it can establish a characteristic image with Hong Kong logo, it is conducive to better development of enterprises and promote overseas business in Hong Kong. If Internet marketing plays a role in the Hong Kong market, that. HK domain name will be a solo show, it can not only enhance the image of enterprises in Hong Kong, but also to help enterprises fully integrated into the Hong Kong market, to eliminate the obstacles in the promotion.
If enterprises want to develop Hong Kong business for a long time and win a broader overseas market, they should also know how to do as the Romans do in their business strategies, so that they can penetrate into the Hong Kong market and develop better prospects for the enterprises.
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