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Some time ago, the company asked for a distributed software, so I read the open-source CEpH and downloaded the ceph-0.52.tar.gzsource package at http://ceph.com/download.

The installation process is recorded here:

The operating system is: CentOS-6.3-x86_64;

1. install some common compilation tools first, which are also required for this compilation:

yum install automake autoconf automake libtool make

After all, we started to compile and compile the cephsource code, decompress ceph-0.52.tar.gz, and go to the source code directory:

#tar -xzf ceph-0.52.tar.gz#cd ceph-0.5.2#./autogen.sh#./configure

Some errors will be reported when you execute./configure:

configure: error: libuuid not foundconfigure: error: no FUSE found (use --without-fuse to disable)configure: error: No usable version of libedit found.configure: error: libaio not found

This is because the dependency packages required for installation are missing:

yum install libuuid-develyum install fuse-devel yum install libedit-develyum install libaio-develyum install keyutils-libs-develyum install gcc-c++yum install cryptopp-devel

After the preceding dependency packages are successfully installed, run the following command:

#./configure --without-tcmalloc --without-libatomic-ops

When you run this command, you may encounter another problem. Continue to solve the problem:

checking boost/spirit.hpp usability... 
nochecking boost/spirit.hpp presence... 
nochecking for boost/spirit.hpp... 
noconfigure: error: in `/home/ceph-0.29':
configure: error: "Can't find boost spirit headers"See `config.log' for more details

Decompress and compile:

#./Bootstrap. Sh // script, generate the bjam executable program, and then execute the following configuration to complete the compilation. #. /Bjam -- with-date_time -- With-System -- With-RegEx -- With-thread -- With-filesystem -- With-serialization -- With-iostreams -- With-math -- With-MPI -- with-program_options -- -Python -- With-math -- With-signals -- layout = tagged install variant = debug, release link = static -- runtime-link = static threading = multi stage

After completing the preceding steps, run the following command:

./configure --without-tcmalloc --without-libatomic-ops

Successfully passed. Compile now:


Haha, "The future is bright, and the road is tortuous", And I encountered another problem:

error: expat.h: No such file or directoryerror: ‘XML_Parser’ does not name a type

At first glance, we can see that a package is missing:

yum install expat-deve

Compile after installation:

#make#make install

At this point, the installation is successful !!!!

Of course, you can install it through the installation method on the official website:


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