Certificate and private key

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Private Key Files

Part of the PKI approach used in TLS, means, every Certificate file a computer wants to use fully, it must also ha ve a matching Private Key file.

The PKI method uses part of TLS , which means that the computer wants to take full advantage of each certificate file , and it must also have a matching private key file.

Private Key files is critically important, and must be kept very secure. They allow any computer with a matching certificate to represent itself as what's in the certificate.

Private key files are extremely important and must be guaranteed to be very secure.

For example, the Host System 1 has both Client and Server certificates. These certificates contain information stating they is for the system host1.

For example,host System 1 has a client certificate and a server-side certificate. These certificates contain Descriptions of the information that they are used for host1.

Because only Host System 1 have the private key files for these certificates, it's the only one that can say "I am host1".

Because only Host System 1 has the private key file for these certificates, it indicates "I am host1".

If a unauthorised person is to obtain one of the these key files, they could make their own certificates claiming one of the IR Systems is host1 instead. This could potentially give them access to your virtualisation servers, which are not what do you want.

If someone gets the key file without authorization, they can declare their system to replace Host1with their own certificate.

Certificate and private key

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