Chained storage instance _c language for C-language binary tree

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Chained storage of binary tree

To achieve the basic operation of the two-fork tree: Establishment, traversal, calculation depth, knot number, leaves and so on.

Enter C, first preface to create two fork tree, #表示空节点;

Input h: Compute the height of the binary tree;

Input L: Calculate the number of the leaves of the binary tree;

Input N: Compute the total number of binary tree nodes;

Input 1: First sequence traversing the binary tree;

Input 2: Middle sequence traversal binary tree;

Input 3: Subsequent traversal of the binary tree;

Enter F: Find the number of nodes in the value =x;

Enter P: Prints all nodes in indented text.

It's simply not necessary to explain the code.

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; /* Two-fork tree chain storage means * * typedef char DATATYPE;
 /* The actual type of user-defined DataType/typedef struct Node {DataType data; Node *lchild, *rchild;   * * Left and Right child pointer/} Bintnode;
/* Node type */typedef bintnode *BINTREE;
int sum=0; void Displaybintree (Bintree T); /* Use the text form to represent the binary tree/void Createbintree (Bintree *t); /* Construct two fork list */void preorder (Bintree T); /* Pre-order traversal binary tree/void Inorder (Bintree T); /* In-order traversal binary tree/void Postorder (Bintree T);  /* Subsequent traversal of the binary tree/INT nodes (Bintree T);  /* COMPUTE Summary points */int leafs (Bintree T);  /* Calculate the total number of leaves */int hight (Bintree T); /* Compute the height of the binary tree/int Find (Bintree T,char x);
 The number of nodes looking for value =x; int main () {Bintree T;
 Char FLG;
  while (CIN&GT;&GT;FLG) switch (FLG) {case ' C ': GetChar ();
  Createbintree (&t); cout<< "Created success!"
 Break Case ' H ': cout<< "height=" < 

Above is a binary tree chain storage of a small example, need to learn to students please refer to, thank you support

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