Challenge Annual salary 200,000 Python web engineer

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We recently found that there are a lot of 200,000 jobs in the Python web engineer from the job ads, and we concluded that these positions need to be mastered by the following skills:

  1. Solid basis for Python programming;
  2. Master Python web Framework (django/flask/ development experience;
  3. Familiar with Linux operating system, know Docker, be able to perform routine service testing and deployment;
  4. Familiar with MySQL, skilled in sql, understand common SQL optimization skills;
  5. HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other development techniques.
  6. Familiar with basic Unix/linux command, can skillfully use Git for team co-development;

Do you have the above skills? So congratulations, you can give yourself a raise!
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Your mentor will take you on a project. Python Web development gives you a glimpse into the skills of Python web development in the course of your project, and allows you to master project experience in system analysis, architecture design, development, and deployment of the project, while also allowing you to learn the capabilities of Team collaboration-git version tools. Challenge the annual salary of 200,000!

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Challenge Annual salary 200,000 Python web engineer

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