Challenges raised by "Special Data" during the test

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Manjula anandamurthy was a COBOL programmer when she first got employed. Now she has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years. It took 10 years to become independent in IndiaSoftware TestingDevelop policies and manage projects. She was responsible for large software in banking, medical, and retail industriesTest ItemTest manager. She also worked as a software and tool consultant.


A well-designed test data management process ensures higher test coverage and reduces defects in end products. A typical test data management process includes the test data requirement stage, where test and development team members briefly introduce and merge all required test data. The update frequency of the retest is also included. HoweverTest ItemBut we found that the database is not just a value. Once it is released, there are additional surprises. The following three data items are particularly worth noting:

  Example 1: hide a column
The first example is a medical application. Patient Data is highly confidential and protected by data protection actions, the patient reserves some power over the hidden data about them. All healthcare units must follow this and ensure that such data is never accessible to others. The medical application we are testing has hidden columns. These hidden columns are in the design file and require no trace to be found in specifications or test cases. We are only aware of the existence of these columns when we put them into production, and have not tested these columns. In this case, how can we ensure that the released product has no defects?

  Example 2: multimedia data
Another example: webpage users can make a change request on the webpage where videos are uploaded. Because users may upload inflammatory videos, sensitive things must be discarded and deleted from the web page. This relies only on human intervention and human judgment, not onAutomation. However, we still need to use some test cases to detect these videos. How can we create test data? Do you want to upload sensitive videos? In this way, sensitive videos will remain in the test environment and may violate information security regulations.

  Example 3: multiple databases
The third example shows that data is extracted from two different sources. For example, follow HIPAA regulations to execute rules on personal data. For example, the personal name must be the same as the name on the social security card. It is also possible to define these rules in databases that are automatically obeyed. A typical database structure does not allow these definitions. Therefore, when we extract test data from two such databases, we will finally use test data that is not compatible with these rules, and then lead to incomplete tests.

These are only three of the situations that testers may face. Therefore, in addition to regular testingData ManagementProcess,The test data creation stage must also include the following:
??A domain expert who can predict the existence or absence of the data in the database structure. If some important confidential information is lost in any table, domain experts can find the data. The test team will be aware of the existence of such information, at least in their test cases that such scenarios are not covered;
??A test plan that allows the test webpage to upload videos and other multimedia files (including: regular review of a category of activities. With the help of some speech recognition toolsAutomationIt is also possible to achieve this. Maintenance of such data should also be created, stored, and reused. A valid testData ManagementThe process requires an accurate environment and operational data for important functions. Seriously consider testingData ManagementPolicy and control are necessary for efficient and thorough testing.

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Challenges raised by "Special Data" during the test

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