Challenging questions about big company interviews

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Challenging questions about big company interviews

I. Bean touch Problems
Five prisoners were arrested on the 1-5th basis in a sack containing 100 green beans. Each person was required to have at least one, but the most
And the minimum number of people will be killed, and they cannot communicate with each other, but the remaining number of beans can be found during the capture. Ask him
Who has the highest chance of survival?
1. They are all very smart people.
2. Their principle is to save your life first and then kill more people.
4. If there are duplicates, they are also the largest or least, and all are killed together.

Iii. Dog Problems
A huge courtyard has 50 families, and each family has a dog. The people in this courtyard have strong reasoning capabilities.
One day they were notified that a dog was ill in the yard and asked all the owners to find their dogs were ill.
The dog will be shot dead on that day.
However, neither the owner nor their dog can leave their house, nor can the owner pass
How do they communicate? All they can do is to observe the windows to determine if the dogs of other people are ill.
No. (That is to say, each owner can only see whether the other 49 dogs are ill or not.
There was no gunshots on the first day, there was no gunshots on the second day, and there was a gunshot on the third day, asking how many dogs were shot.
4. Monkey bananas
A monkey has 100 bananas on the side. It takes 50 meters to get home,
Each time it moves up to 50 bananas, it is crushed to death.
One rice is about to eat. Could you tell me how many bananas it can take to move to the house.
Tip: he can put the banana down for a round trip, but he must ensure that every walk
One rice can have bananas. You can also drop some bananas when you reach N meters,
Take n bananas and move back to 50.
V. Pouring Water
There are three Cube Without the container thickness, the volume is 1*1*1, 2*2, 3*3.
Requirements: 1. Use these three boxes to hold 13 of the water
2. Each Cup can only be filled with water once.
3. No waste of water.
How can this problem be solved.
Vi. Wine sharing Question 1
There is one 8-litre wine-filled cup and two small cups. The two A and B should share the eight-litre wine equally, making both people feel fair.
By the way, a first splits the wine into two small cups until he thinks that he will not suffer any loss. Then let B
Select a cup that you think is the most cost-effective. The remaining cup is for. Now there are two 8-litre wine-filled cups and four small cups.
How can we make everyone feel fair by dividing the four members of sub-and ABCD?
7. Wine sharding Question 2
There are three wine glasses, two of which can be 8 wine glasses and one can be 3 wine glasses. Now the two wine glasses are full of wine.
How can we evenly distribute the three cups to four people?
8. Ball Problems
(1) A total of 12 balls of the same weight, only one of which is different from the others (unknown weight), give you a balance, only
Name it three times and find the ball with different weights.
(2) A total of 13 balls of the same weight, only one of which is different from the others (unknown weight), give you a balance, only
Name it three times and find the ball with different weights.
9. Nominal drug problems
There are 10 cans of medicine, one of which has deteriorated ...... It is known that the normal medicine is 10 Gb per grain, and the deterioration is 9 GB per grain. How can this problem be called once?
Which tank has deteriorated?
10. Typical hats
1. There is a cell and three prisoners are in it. Because the glass is thick, three people can only see each other and cannot hear each other.
Voice ."
One day, the king thought of a way to give each of them a head wearing a hat, only to let them know the color of the hat
It's either white or black, so they don't know the color of their hats. In this case, the King announces two
As follows:
(1) who can see the other two prisoners wearing white hats can release them;
(2) Whoever knows that he is wearing a black hat will release it.
In fact, the king gave them black hats. Because they were bound, they could not see themselves. So the three of them interact with each other.
Staring and not talking. However, in the near future, mind a determined that he was wearing a black hat by means of reasoning. How is he pushing?
2. Ten people stand in one column,
Each head has a hat, either red or blue.
Each person can only see the color of the hats of all people standing in front of him.
Now let everyone report a color,
Please try to make as many people as possible report the color of his hat.
For example, if a person in an even position reports the color of his hat, the person in front of him starts to report the color from the tenth position,
The odd digit can know the color of his hat,
In this way, five people reported the color of their hats.
How can we make the color of a nine-person report the color of his hat?
11. One dollar banknote
Note: coins in American currency include 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 Cent, and 1 dollar. Proceed
Let's look at the text and challenge the limits of your logical reasoning.
A store was just open, with only three male customers and a female shopkeeper in the store. When the three men stood up to pay the bills at the same time
The following situations occur:
(1) Each of the four has at least one coin, but neither is a coin with a nominal value of 1 cent or 1 dollar.
(2) none of the four can open any coin.
(3) A man named Lu has the largest amount to pay, and a man named Mo has the second to pay.
De's men have to pay the minimum amount of bills.
(4) No matter how much a man pays the bills with his coins, the shopkeeper cannot clear the change.
(5) If the three men exchange coins in their hands, they can pay off their bills.
No need to change the value.
(6) After the three men exchanged their values twice, they found that the coins in their hands were hard
No currency has the same nominal value.
As things develop, the following situations occur:
(7) after the bill is paid off and two men leave, the men left behind will buy some sweets. This man was supposed
He paid with the remaining coins in his hand, but the shopkeeper was unable to clear the change with the coins she was holding.
(8) so the man paid for the candy with a dollar bill, but now the female shopkeeper had to put all her coins
He was found.
Now, please don't worry about how the shopaholics will encounter troubles when looking for a fraction that day. Who of the three men used 1 dollar worth of paper?
Coin paid for candy?

12. Apple orange problems
there are three boxes of fruit, one is apple, one is orange, and the other is mixed with two kinds of fruit. The labels are marked on the three boxes.
the labels are incorrect ~ Now you are required to take out only one fruit to determine the situation in the three boxes ~
13. It is difficult to fill in a symbolic mathematical question!
add, subtract, multiply, and divide the result into 2008:
1. (34 □5 □6 □8 □9 □1) □2 = 2008
2. (56 □7 □89 □1 □23 □1) □4 = 2008
3, 5 □8 □25 □20 □5 □10 □2 □4 = 2008
14. A question about Aircraft Refueling
each plane has only one fuel tank, and each plane can refuel each other (note that there is no fuel dispenser). A box of oil can provide one
the plane flies around the Earth for half a lap.
how many planes are required to take at least one plane round the Earth back to the airport when it starts to fly? (All planes take off from the same
airport, and must return to the airport safely. stopover is not allowed. There is no airport in the middle)
15. Take the coin question
16 coins, A and B take some of them in turn, each of which can only be one of 1, 2, and 4.
who finally takes the coin and loses.
q: Do A or B have any strategy to win?
assuming they are all smart
17. Three young men fell in love with a girl at the same time. To decide who can marry the girl, they decided to fight for a duel. Alex's hit rate is 30%. Chris is better than him. the hit rate is 50%. The best gunner is Bob. He never makes a mistake and the hit rate is 100%. Due to this obvious fact, for the sake of fairness, they decided in this order: Alex shot first, Chris second, and Bob finally. Then it repeats until they have only one person left. Who has the greatest chance to survive these three individuals? What policies should they adopt?
18.2 blind people bought two black so and two white so (each so is connected together). If you are not careful, the eight so are mixed together, how can they get their own so (two black so and two white so)
19. there are 15 steamed stuffed buns in the basin, which are evenly allocated to 15 children, each having 1. but there is another one in the basin after the split. Why ??
How is the four numbers (only available +-*/and parentheses) equal to 24?

22. there are three tigers, each of which carries a tiger. They want to cross the river at the same time, but there is only one boat in the river that can carry two tigers at a time (regardless of size) when the ship arrives at the opposite side, it is necessary to have a tiger rowing back. 3 tigers only have one boat. 3 tigers rowing over the river. Every time they cross the river, the mother tiger must guard his own tiger to prevent other tigers from eating the tiger. no, no, no.
Set tigers to ABC and ABC.
Set as a to boating
A. A takes B to the other side. A returns
2. A returns the result of bringing C to the other side.
Return from three BC to the other bank
Return from 4AA to CC
Return from BC to a on the other side
Return from AC to a on the other side
Crossing the river successfully on the other side

23. The weight of one of the 12 balls is different from that of other balls (I don't know the weight). I used the balance to test the weight three times.
Ball No.: 1-12
1, 2, 3, 4 -- 5, 6, 7, 8
If the balance is reached, the bad balls are in the range of 9, 10, 11, and 12.
1, 2 -- 9, 10, such as balance, Bad ball in
1--11 balance 12 bad; otherwise 11 bad
If imbalance occurs, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are good balls.
, --,
Balance. The Bad ball is in the range of 2, 3, and 4. Easy to get
Unbalanced. Check whether the tilt direction of the balance changes. If the change is in or 8, the value is.
Easy to get
24. Mr. P and Mr. Q have sufficient reasoning capabilities. On this day, they are receiving an interview.
They know that there are 16 cards in the drawer of the table:
Peach a q 4
Peach J 8 4 2 7 3
Caohua k q 5 4 6
Square A 5
Professor John picked a card from the 16 cards and told Mr. P about the number of cards and the color of the card to Mr. Q.
Professor John asked Mr. P and Mr. Q: Can you tell from the known points or colors what the card is?
Mr. P: "I don't know this card. "Mr. Q:" I know you don't know this card. "
Mr. P: "Now I know this card. "Mr. Q:" I know. "
What is this card?
P said: "I don't know this card ." It is because there are multiple choices that must be repeated cards. (The number may be a, Q, 4, or 5)
Q: "I know you don't know this card ." The answer is yes because it is confirmed that there are cards with the same numbers in other colors, which may be: red peach, square (and certainly not black heart and grass flower, if yes, some cards are unique. P knows the cards as long as he knows the number of points. Q is so sure, it means no)
P said: "I know what the card is ". P knows the number of points. If it is a point, there are two possibilities: red peach A and Square A. If you cannot know what the card is, it can only be red Q points, Red 4 and 5. (In this case, we cannot determine the number of points P knows)
Q said: "I also know". If the color is red, Q won't say he knows, because there are red Q and Red 4. Therefore, it can only be block 5. (Finally, Q said he knew it, so we also said yes: This is box 5)
Cube 5

25. Three playing cards are arranged in a row on the table. Now we know:
1. K. At least one of the two cards on the right is.
2. Either of the two cards on the left of A is.
3. At least one of the two cards on the left of the square is a red peach.
4. One of the two cards on the right of the peach is also a red peach.
Q: What are the three cards?
Analysis and answer
The three cards are from left to right: red peach K, red peach A, and Square.
First determine the first card on the left. I learned from premise 1 that this card is K; from premise 4 that this card is red peach; so this card is red peach K. Then determine the first card on the right. From premise 2, we know that this card is a; from premise 3, we know that this card is a square; therefore, this card is. Finally, determine a card. I learned from premise 2, that this card is a, or that the first card on the left is a, and that the first card on the left is K from premise 1. Therefore, this card is. Similarly, from premise 4, we know that this card is a red peach or the first card on the right is a red peach. But from premise 3, we can see that the first card on the right is a square, this card is red peach.

26. trump card
In a card game, a person has such a deck in his hand:
(1) There are exactly 13 cards.
(2) Each color must have at least one.
(3) The numbers of different colors are different.
(4) Five red hearts and squares.
(5) There are a total of six red hearts and spades.
(6) There are two trump cards. Which of the four colors is the trump card?
Analysis and answer
Answer: according to (1), (2), (3), the distribution of the four colors in the person's hand is one of the three possible situations:
(A) 1237
(B) 1246
(C) 1345
According to (6), case (c) is excluded because none of them are two cards. According to (5), case (a) is excluded because the sum of the numbers of two colors is not six. Therefore, (B) is the actual color distribution. According to (5), either two red hearts and four black peaches, or four red hearts and two black peaches. According to (4), either there is a red heart and four squares, or there are four red hearts and one square. Comprehensive (4) and (5), there must be four red hearts; thus there must be two black peaches. Therefore, black peach is the trump card.
In summary, this person has four red hearts, two black peaches, one square, and six plum blossoms.
27. If you ask a worker to work for you for seven days, the reward for the worker is a golden stripe. The golden bars are evenly divided into seven connected segments. You must give them a golden bar at the end of each day. If you only make two breaks, how do you pay for your workers?
Answer: divide the gold bars into three portions: 1/7, 2/7, and 4/7. In this way, 1st days I can give him 1/7; 2nd days I will give him 2/7, let him retrieve me 1/7; 3rd days I will give him 1/7, plus the original 2/7 is 3/7; 4th I gave him the 4/7 yuan and asked him to retrieve the two 1/7 and 2/7 yuan gold bars; 5th days, and 1/7 days; 6th days and 2nd days; the 7th that was retrieved from him in 1/7 days.
28. Now James's family has crossed a bridge. It is dark when crossing the bridge, so there must be lights. It takes 1 second for James to bridge the bridge, 3 seconds for James's younger brother, 6 seconds for James's father, 8 seconds for James's mother, and 12 seconds for James's grandfather. Each time a bridge can be crossed by a maximum of two people, the speed of the bridge depends on the shortest speed of the bridge, and the light will go off 30 seconds after it is ignited. How does James family bridge the bridge?
Reference answer: This kind of intellectual questions is actually a test of the applicant's ability to solve problems under restrictions. As for this question, many people often think that Xiao Ming should come and go with the light, which saves the most time, but in the end there is no solution. But in another way, we can decide who is holding the light based on the actual situation. Just make some changes: Step 1: James bridges the bridge with his younger brother, and James returns, which takes 4 seconds. Step 2, james crossed the river with his father and his brother. It took nine seconds to return. Step 3: My mother crossed the river with my grandfather. James came back in 13 seconds. Finally, James and his brother crossed the river in 4 seconds, it took 30 seconds in total. How thrilling!

29. 1 <x <Y <30 is known. Tell X + Y to Jia and x * y to B.
The following is a dialogue between Party A and Party B.
"I don't know what X and Y are, but you don't know," said Jia"
"I know how much X and Y are," B said !"
A said, "I know it too"
Q: What is X and Y?

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