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Contact to the personal site is April 05, when the manager let me optimize the company's website, start with the manager said no experience, also do not know how to optimize, the manager said it is okay, learn to learn will, and also told me if he listed the key words to do up must advise the boss to raise my salary, said the time is resolute, Later, the word is done up, before the so-called promises have not been honoured. But I thanked our manager because he gave me the chance.

Remember the beginning is to do a information about the station (, when the Wei passenger just started, this kind of information platform is not one, So I quickly registered a. cn domain name, use a blog program to put up the site, and later feel that the blog can not be satisfied with DEDECMS will be the site, because the site information more comprehensive and no one competition, it is easy and task China, pig eight ring this kind of the first-line Granville Guest website made a friendship link, The website also slowly some popularity, some Granville guest site starts to contact with me the matter which cooperates.

What happened later is I did not think of, the website was hacked, was implanted the Trojan program, then feel very angry, angrily put the site off, this is 3 months, directly lead to search engine delete site. Then decided to do the site again, at that time made a lot of webmaster friends will make mistakes, follow the bandwagon! Before the site did not profit, simply changed the site directly, first changed into a game station, and then changed into a movie station, a good start search engine performance, and then Baidu shot, K My site, Google kind, But the rankings have plummeted.

Do the enthusiasm of the station also began to cool down, with the enthusiasm of the decline feel very good, without the site of those worries, the focus of work also transferred to the program. Until one day I met a friend on the internet and asked him what he had been up to, and he told me that he was selling things and his business was good. Before I could ask him, he said he had done a station, then the key words up, although the flow is good, but how can not make much money, all day worry very much, once he came home to meet his nephew, suddenly woke up, his nephew wore a theme related to his website clothing. He thought why not through their own website platform to sell some of the site-related things?

Later things do not need me to describe, in fact, the process is not complicated, is a change in the idea of profit, the friend completed from the webmaster to the store long transformation, and very successful. He told me that he would choose to open a physical store when he had a certain amount of money to accumulate. Here only want to bless him, bless his future road smooth sailing!

Webmaster friends, look at your hands of the station, just rely on those advertising alliance can have how much money can earn? How long will this money last? These are the unknowns. Thinking to determine the way out, and sometimes think, the road can have a lot of ways to go, it depends on how you choose, and finally bless all the Webmaster friends site more and more good, good luck often with!

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