Change in the Middle-surging in the heart

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Today is the last day of September, that is, September 30. In the face of the National Day holiday, I can finally put my mind down and write something. I am very busy, even dreaming about my own things, I have finally made a summary for a while, and I feel like it is easy.

, 12, that is, a few days after we started the course in hanchang. When I finished introducing myself, I received a notification from the rural compulsory examination. After I finished introducing myself, I am ready to continue, I have an infinite passion in my heart. I want to know how to do each step of my own. But at this time, I sent a notification letter. Sometimes I asked another question, but I am joking with me. I am doing well here, you are here. Isn't it my life? How do you ask me to choose? But at last, I chose the countryside. Why? There are three reasons, the first father cannot be involved. I know the situation in my home and how I should do it. The second is my normal teacher, from high school to the present, after studying for so long, I spent five years on everything I spent. I know my own way out. There is only one such thing, sooner or later, you have to give it a try. Otherwise, your mind will never go down. The third course needs to accumulate. If you want to enter the kingdom of your dreams, it will take years to accumulate, me

On April 9, August 13, he left hanchang and went to Hubei Economic College for 10 days of training.

, 23, I temporarily left hanchang and came to my home. I took my college graduation to Chongqing and got my home. In, I went to Hubei. When I left, i'm really sad,

But I know where my dream is. I am realizing my dream, my five-year plan, and my three-year plan.

September 30, it's been a month from the first day to the second day. I feel that I have never stopped learning, but it's a little different from what I think, but it's changing slowly, for example, I have a lot of time, but I have not learned the programming I want and I have not done what I want to do. In this month, I know that I have recalled what I have learned, I have not invested in what I want to do. This is what I said in today's recording summary. My dream will not change, and my preparation will not change. I know what I should do, this is what I feel most when I come here for a month and what I want to say here. My real life is moving forward. This is also my note record. I am only learning Java for a while, and the speed is getting slower. This is what I want to say, my blog, and my dream.

-------- I am looking forward to writing it next time.

Change in the Middle-surging in the heart

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