Change management in the organization and implementation of enterprise social networks

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Implement collaboration and communication tools.Enterprise social networksThe mentality and organizational culture have changed, and all changes must show in order that all transformation potentials can be managed.

Change management includes the use of maps to indicate the goals required by the path, one of which is based on the principles set by change leaders.

Many organizations of all sizes in the process of transformation, the identified stages, the challenges they face, the most common errors, and the main factors that have succeeded in the process of organizational transformation.

A very practical model of change, that is, each organization should mask any change in an effective manner by managing the eight steps.

1. Create a sense of urgency

This includes settings that involve seeing what changes are necessary, important and positive, and what will happen with our Organization in the near future if we do not implementEnterprise social networksIn this era, is there a gradual and rapid digitization of all industries? Don't give us a rational discussion, because people's irrational arguments have changed. On the contrary, to make them visible and aware of the need for changes, in order to improve efficiency, information should include a negative 20% sense (the consequences of not changing, such as losing competitiveness, as an organization, or become obsolete because of professionals ). And a positive sense of 80% (important influences and changes in the main film, including more effective communication, or people brought about by development involving acquisition of digital skills ).

2. Form a strong team to lead the revolution

Determine the leaders of changes within the organization, who know the importance of changes and are committed to the individuals in this process. These individuals have the talent to work in an effective way, supervise the enthusiasm of the team, and determine the strategy, to achieve the goal of change, such as communication strategies.

3. Build a vision change

There is not enough explanation of the goals of the change, either orally or in writing, of the Organization of the individual involved in which the change will be completed in the future, in order to make the vision require the entire Organization to draw a clear goal in the same direction. Unfortunately, many people who have tried to change and underestimate the importance of building a shared vision. To be effective, vision achievement and change must be clear, feasible, and practical, useful from actions and decision points, especially easy to communicate.

4. Vision of communication

Communication is one of the key points of success in the transformation process. Any lack of communication will be full of rumors from the corridor, so it defines communication strategies, taking into account the characteristics of different audiences and the same different information, for example, it is very important to know who will exchange the original plan, and when and in what way. Communication involves multiple ways of listening and talking, from top to bottom, not just hierarchical communication. The most important thing is, don't forget. The main purpose of the leader's vision is to use examples.

5. Changes in training involve individuals who enable them to achieve their goals

Who is another major mistake in the process of transformation? It will eventually make the vision a tool provided by the real individual. It is so important to determine which technical knowledge, skills, and attitudes individuals need to participate in development and produce training programs.

6. Short-term benefits

The process of a change is successful and must be combined with the long-distance future. You must design different short-term outcomes, that is, maintain the motivation of the individual involved in the change, monitor the evolution of the process at the same time, and make flexible adjustments.

7. Stick to it and never give up

Not all changes are just moments of success, avoiding the gradual loss of interest in participation, and avoiding rigid planning or ignored changes as expected. Instead, review the short-term results, make necessary changes, and maintain a vision and motivation for change in everyone's mind.

8. Changes in organizational culture

An organization becomes an obvious value and culture of everyday practice, so it must have a consistent change goal. Only in this way will they encourage and deeply rooted behavior, values, and mentality to allow the process of change.

In today's organizational processes, organizations can adapt to their environments or take new opportunities, which can lead to resistance and miss a large part of its potential, if they are not considered for emotional and Communication Management personal participation.

ImplementationEnterprise communitySubmitNetworkThe golden opportunity to make better, high impact, collaboration, and communication within an organization, so it uses a practical and concrete way to manage changes, to realize full potential is an important tool for this change.

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Change management in the organization and implementation of enterprise social networks

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