Change MySQL database storage path under Linux

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Under Linux, the default data document storage directory for MySQL is/var/lib/mysql. The following steps are required if you want to move the MySQL directory to/home/data:

 1. Set up the data directory in the home directory


mkdir data

  2. Stop the MySQL service process:

Mysqladmin-u root-p shutdown

  3. Move/var/lib/mysql Entire directory to/home/data


This moves the MySQL data file to the/home/data/mysql.

  4. Locate the MY.CNF configuration document

If there is no MY.CNF configuration document under the/etc/directory, locate the *.CNF document under/usr/share/mysql/, and copy one of them to/etc/and rename it to MY.CNF). The command is as follows:


  5. Edit the configuration document for MySQL/ETC/MY.CNF

To ensure that MySQL works correctly, you need to indicate where the Mysql.sock document is generated. Modify the value in the Socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock line to the right of the equals sign:/home/mysql/mysql.sock. The operation is as follows:

VI my.cnf (edit MY.CNF document with VI tool, find the following data to modify)

# The MySQL server


Port = 3306

#socket =/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock (original content, in order to be more secure with "#" Comment this line)

Socket =/home/data/mysql/mysql.sock (plus this line)

  6. Modify MySQL startup script/etc/init.d/mysql

Finally, you need to modify the MySQL startup script/etc/init.d/mysql, the path to the right of the equal sign in the Datadir=/var/lib/mysql line is changed to your current actual storage path: Home/data/mysql.

[Email protected] etc]# Vi/etc/init.d/mysql

#datadir =/var/lib/mysql (Note this line)

Datadir=/home/data/mysql (plus this line)

If it is CentOS also need to change/usr/bin/mysqld_safe relevant file location;

finally make a mysql.sock link:

  7. Restart MySQL Service

/etc/init.d/mysql start

or restart Linux with the reboot command

If the work of the normal movement of success, or control the previous 7 steps to check again. Also pay attention to the owner and permission of the directory.

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[[email protected] ~]# chown-r mysql:mysql/home/data/mysql/← Change the attribution of the database to MySQL

[[email protected] ~]# chmod 700/home/data/mysql/test/← Change the database directory property to 700

[[email protected] ~]# chmod 660/home/data/mysql/test/*← Change the property of the data in the database to 660

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