Change of configuration for coordination person/financial account transfer in new customer orders in IFS

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[Problem proposal] as business development requires a new customer order coordination person, the original "sample" type order is changed
Two order types: "non-bonded samples" and "bonded samples ";

[Problem Analysis] Add the configuration of the Coordination person in the basic distribution information, and modify the transfer control settings for the related sales categories in the financial transfers.

[Problem Solving]
Step 1) set the Contact Group
ERP-> General Data for inventory and distribution-> basic data for inventory and distribution->
Coordinator groups tab page,
1.1) the original "4% sample" was changed to "4% non-bonded samples" (the corresponding transfer control is not required)
1.2) Add "T % bonded samples"

Step 2) Basic information of the Facilitator
ERP> enterprise> person
2.1) "product category-product category" changed to "product category-non-Warranty category"
2.2) Add "sample Bonded Products-warranty products"

Step 3) association between the facilitator and the Facilitator Group
ERP-> General Data for inventory and distribution-> basic data for inventory and distribution->
The tab page of coordinato ID. The newly added "sample bonded" is associated with "T %" in coordinator groups.

Step 4) set the financial account transfer control
ERP-> accounting rules-> posting control
Query condition: control type = C29 sales revenue transfer control
There will be approximately 5/6 (sales, sales costs, sales rebates ....)
RMB-> details in the posting control details, set whether to increase according to financial requirements.

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