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To be honest, do the site for so long, what kind of things have been encountered, the most common is also the most let the webmaster headache is nothing but the site down the right, the main site key words down, the site snapshots do not update, the number of chain reduction and so on, these problems are often due to the initial stage of the preparatory work did not do, Caused by the late modification of the site plate or some other places, then today I and his family to discuss the changes in the document of the impact of the Web site.

The role of the website robots file

Robots file for novice webmaster may not be very familiar with, which also led to a lot of new stations ranked bad or not included, the document is specifically for the search engine instructions file, tell the search engine that content can be included in those content cannot be included, Search engine Visit our site is also the first visit to our robots file, if this site does not set a robots file, then the search engine will arbitrarily crawl web content, it is possible that some should not be included in the file. And once set up a robots file, and later found that there are some problems of robots, have to be modified, then often lead to some problems.

Modifying the influence of a robots on inclusion

After the site to do a good job of robots, spiders will habitually according to the instructions of the Web site crawl, over time will make the search engine to produce some habits, but the webmaster in order to meet the search engine modified robots, then when the search engine again to visit the site to find a modified, It will understand the previous collection of articles should not be included, so this will lead to some of the site included a drop in a lot, a lot of blocked content is just the source of traffic, which is also one of the reasons for Web site traffic decline.

Change the impact of robots on website weights

Later on the modification of the robots is a search engine of an unfriendly performance, with the engine of humanity, search engine is also a "temper", when in your site produced a habit, your site a little change is likely to cause the search engine aversion, like the modified robots, The modification of the robots not only has an impact on the content, but also the weight of the site can not be ignored. Modify the robots will cause a snapshot of the site does not update, included reduced, the number of chain down, the site's main keywords down even the top hundreds of can not find the keyword ranking.

Attention matters

The robots file is at the beginning of the site should be done, not in the late want to modify can be modified, unless you do not rely on search to earn traffic.

Article Summary

The above points are my personal experience, as a webmaster encountered these situations I also feel very helpless, but sometimes have to do something we do not want to do, who can not be exhaustive, I just want to tell you as far as possible to avoid what should not happen. This article is edited by Webmaster, reprint please retain the source, thank you for your cooperation.

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