Change time zone under Redhat9 terminal

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The questions I've asked are still being asked by the brothers.

Because REDHAT9 cannot configure the time zone as before. There are often errors without a graphical interface!



Errors are as follows

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/share/redhat-config-date/", line, in?

From Timezone_map_gui import Zonetab

File "/usr/share/redhat-config-date/", line, in?

Import GTK

File "/usr/src/build/218821-i386/install/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/", line A, in?

Runtimeerror:could not open Display



To Xwin

Redhat-config-date requires a currently running X server.

So changing the time zone can use the Tzselect directive to modify your time zone

Of course, you don't have to order if you're accustomed to file changes.

Ha ha

can modify/etc/sysconfig/clock

Zone=asia/shanghai (check the/usr/share/zoneinfo file below.) )

Utc=false (whether the hardware clock is UTC or GMT clock). )

Arc=false (set to True if it is on the Alpha machine). )

(The benefit of setting the hardware clock to UTC is that he can automatically set daylight saving time, but on a different operating system, the clock will be wrong) on a machine with multiple operating systems starting up. )

Choose your time zone according to your own needs

And then


It's in Shanghai, for example.


The time zone changes when you restart the machine.

Ha ha

If you are in some application below the time is wrong, then you are running Red Hat Linux 5.0 or 5.1, the solution is to establish/usr/lib/zoneinfo to/usr/share/zoneinfo symbolic connection:


Description of the time zone's offset from UTC

NZDT +13:00 New Zealand Daylight Time (Daylight savings Day)

IDLE +12:00 International Dateline, East

NZST +12:00 New Zealand Standard Time

NZT +12:00 New Zealand Time

AESST +11:00 Australia Eastern standard Daylight saving time

ACSST +10:30 Australia standard Daylight Saving time

Cadt +10:30 in Australia daylight saving time

SADT +10:30 South Australia daylight Saving time

AEST +10:00 Australia Eastern Standard Time

East +10:00 eastern Australia Standard Time

GST +10:00 Guam Standard Time, (USSR Zone 9?) )

Ligt +10:00 Melbourne, Australia

ACST +09:30 Australia Standard Time

Australian Standard Time in CAST +09:30

SAT +9:30 South Australia Standard Time

AWSST +9:00 Western Australia standard daylight saving time

JST +9:00 Japan Standard Time, (USSR Zone 8)

KST +9:00 Korea Standard Time

WDT +9:00 Western Australia Daylight Saving time

MT +8:30 Mauritius Time (? )

Awst +8:00 Western Australia Standard Time

CCT +8:00 China Coastal Time

Wadt +8:00 Western Australia Daylight Saving time

WST +8:00 Western Australia Time

JT +7:30 Javanese time (Java is not a language here)

WAST +7:00 Western Australia Standard Time

IT +3:30 Iran Time

BT +3:00 Baghdad Time

EETDST +3:00 Eastern European Daylight Saving time

CETDST +2:00 Central European Daylight Saving time

EET +2:00 Eastern Europe, (USSR Zone 1)

FWT +2:00 French Winter-time system

IST +2:00 Israel Standard Time

MEST +2:00 Central European Daylight Saving time

METDST +2:00 Central Europe Daylight Time

SST +2:00 Swedish Daylight saving time

BST +1:00 English Daylight Saving time

CET +1:00 Central Europe time

DNT +1:00 Dansk Normal Tid (? )

DST +1:00 Dansk Standard time (? )

FST +1:00 French Daylight Saving time

MET +1:00 Central Europe time

MEWT +1:00 Central European winter-time system

MEZ +1:00 Central European Time zone

NOR +1:00 Norway Standard Time

SET +1:00 Seychelles time (? )

SWT +1:00 Swedish Winter-time system

WETDST +1:00 Western Europe Illumination Utilization time (daylight savings)

GMT 0:00 Greenwich Mean Time

WET 0:00 Western Europe

wat-1:00 West Africa Time

Ndt-2:30 Newfoundland (Newland) Daylight Time

adt-03:00 Atlantic Daylight Time

Nft-3:30 Newfoundland (Newland) Standard Time

Nst-3:30 Newfoundland (Newland) Standard Time

Ast-4:00 Atlantic Standard Time (Canada)

edt-4:00 Eastern Daylight Time

zp4-4:00 GMT + 4 hours

cdt-5:00 Middle Daylight Time

est-5:00 Eastern Standard Time

zp5-5:00 GMT + 5 hours

CST-6:00 Central Standard Time

Mdt-6:00 Mountain Daylight Time (mountain daylight, who knows how to translate?) )

zp6-6:00 GMT + 6 hours

Mst-7:00 Mountain Standard Time

pdt-7:00 Pacific Daylight Time

pst-8:00 Pacific Standard Time

ydt-8:00 Yukon Daylight Time

hdt-9:00 Xiawei/Alaska Daylight Time

yst-9:00 Yukon Standard Time

ahst-10:00 Xiawei-Alaska Standard Time

Alaska Time in cat-10:00

nt-11:00 State (Nome time)

IDLW-12:00 International Dateline, West

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