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I have been finishing my internship for a week. The most important thing in these days is to finish my work right away. Autumoon weblog editor 2006The rest of the first version is expected to be released smoothly in early June.

Actually,Autumoon weblog editor 2006I have already made a huge jump to my personal software, and my development progress will be delayed. If it wasn't some time ago, my internship made me feel the pressure to make progress, i'm afraid it will become a "dream" forever "!

I feel ashamed to think of the path I have traveled over the past few years! What is an excuse?

So I think it is necessary to make a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of me over the past few years so that I can find the right path!

Recently, I am in a bad mood. I am immersed in coding and documents every day. Although I can temporarily forget the troubles around me, I cannot get rid of them. What should I do?

I do not know what to say, but I am very aware that we should bravely shoulder the burden of life and strive to live it!

Changed todayAutumoonThe layout should be the latest template of the blog Park. I don't have much artistic skills, and I am too lazy to change CSS on my own. That's it. Although I feel a little commercial, it's just now, I think at least in my current mood, it seems very comfortable-just live yourself!

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